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As Free As A Lion in A Cage

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 § 0

How are you? I'm good. I'm back from the trip. The "winter" trip. The whole trip was amazing and more like scavenger hunt, because my Mum and I hunted cute stuff, some of them I managed to find, but there are a few (like Wode) that I didn't buy, it was pity, but hey I did buy some very-me-like things. However, there was no snow (obviously) but for a girl who lives most of her life in sunny, tropical place like me, the weather was cold although it wasn't as cold as I thought it would. It was between 18-21 degree Celcius and it was windy.

I wasn't complaining or anything. It was exciting you see, because I've never been to a place that has cold weather season, although I've been in Lembang before and the weather condition was not much different, but it was exciting! To wear boots, to wear coats, to wear jackets and to wear scarf. It was just such an amazing trip. I'm looking forward to be in colder place.

New year's resolutions? I don't have any. Well, maybe to be a better person than I used to be. And pray more. And sleep more. Be better person, basically. This year had been a crazy one, but very quick year I must say. One day I actually screamed at my laptop because the Star Trek trailer and now I own the DVD. One day I watched Star Trek with my fellow international student friends, including Lewis, and now he's not my international student friend anymore (he moved. I've mentioned about it in a post, forgot which). One day I'm still in the same class with Leantongue, Dini, Nacil and Karin; but now we are not. Its just... weird to have time goes by you in a blink.

I still remember waking up in Tika's hotel room after the night before's count down. Her parents were brewing coffee or tea I forgot. And Nanda was up, too. The hotel room was so cold, but I had a great time the night before. We watched Maliq, ate McDonalds, laughed a bit, watched some movie, told some stories, shared some secrets. It was... fun. We did some catching up, too. Because we were in seperate high schools.

I think I'm going to spend my new year's eve with my friends too, but I guess this time will be with my school friends, rather than my junior high school friends. With my international class friends. Its going to be a blast, hopefully. Its 2 pm now, I should go to sleep. I have to go to school today to finish a project (yes, my school sucks. its holiday and I should make the project, what kind of holiday is that?) with my friends and after that I want to catch a movie with some friends.

gnight and have a great holiday and new year's eve! infinite x's and o's, NS. The picture is from

Travel Bag and Empy Space

Monday, December 21, 2009 § 0

My hand becomes shaky like yours. And also become sore, like yours. It hurts. Now I know the pain you have to carry. Mentally and physically. Everyday. But I notice that you keep on smiling no matter what. How are you, by the way? Haven't seen you since... last week. I hope you're okay.

I miss the sea lately, I miss diving, I miss listening to nothing. I miss the silence. I miss the feeling when the water brushes my hair, the feeling's different when you're above the sea and when you're below. I miss the ocean and beach basically.

I'm going to be away for 5 days to Hong Kong. Its going to be a trip, my Mum promised, but I think she's going to hunt clothes and apparels, too. I've already take notes about places that I want to go to, like HMV and Harvey Nichols, and Kniq, although I don't know how to reach Kniq. I guess I'm going to hunt boots and rings there. Needless to say, I can't wait for the trip.
As for my report card, it isn't very great or amazing or whatsoever, because my marks are average, not beyond average, but just average. I'm not really thrilled, just grateful. My marks are falling, though.
I have nothing to say anymore except have a great holiday :)
picture from my tumblr, but I forgot the source. So you could tell me if it is yours.


Friday, December 18, 2009 § 0

Went to Nacil's dinner party last saturday. I wore my gaga bodycon dress. It was amazingly cheap, only about 18ok rupiah, I found out online dresses like those will cost you more than 300k-- the owner of the store was nice, too (and had pretty legs and tall). And also I wore my current favorite bangles and my Mum's open-toe high heels. My friends hated me because I'm taller than usual.

with the girl who held the party!
It was held at Barcode Kemang. The place was at the centre of Jakarta, in Kemang actually. I don't really like the place, though I don't know why. But, I love the live music and the food, so its a place to chill, not to do some perfect romantic dinner-- more like a place to go out with your friends and have good time. Umm, whatelse? Oh oh I met Inez there! Yep, she was selling her school's music event that will be held tomorrow! I think I'm going to watch it before going to Atina's Cosmo Girl of the Year thing.

So by the way, there was Hellofest at the same day as Nacil's dinner party. I didn't go to there, but Fakhri did, he told me that it was awesome, but not great. He didn't buy anything though, if I was him I would totally buy the shirts that they were selling, must be graphically good and artistic! I need good shirts.
my current desktop. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HIM?

Dancing Weirdos

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 § 0

I have bad dreams lately. Really bad dreams. Not the one where somethings chase you, or the creepy slimy one--but more like scary dreams. I have not yet found any dreamcatcher in Indonesia. I really need one. I would like to have one. I think I'm gonna order it from ebay, what do you think? Should I need one?
I'm currently drooling over:

  1. James Stewart, Alexis Georgoulis, Russel Wong, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and of course Alexander Skarsgard
  2. tights, black, white, grey, tank tops, boots, red doc martens, my diy crop flower top
  3. dreamcatcher, well obviously
  4. My Life In Ruins, Star Trek. (seriously, My Life In Ruins couldn't get out of my head)
  5. and
  6. WINTER VACATION! My family planning to go to Hong Kong next week for five days, how cool is that? And I still have my Singapore Dollars to convert to be Hong Kong Dollars! And its winter! I'm going to buy boots there! Yeay!
  7. Stephen Fry: The Liar
  8. Accoustic songs, especially City and Colour's songs
  9. Cool rings like this and this and this from studdedhearts blog (that have been repost to tumblr, with credits of course, and reblogged to my tumblr)
  10. WODE by BOUDICCA perfume! omg omg omg I WANT THIS SO BADLY SERIOUSLY.

that's James and Gloria Stewart. James Stewart is the guy whom I drooling for lately. He acted in tons of great movies, one of them which I like is The Shop Around The Corner, its the remake of the 20's movie (forgot) and the basic story of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' movie You've Got Mail. He's very charming, quiet and tall. Gloria is his wife, his only wife. He never had any wife before her and when she passed away he didn't go and marry another woman, he stayed alone until the day he passed away. Their marriage is the kind of marriage that I want.

Well, signing off, its 3:38 now. PS: nacil's birthday party pictures tomorrow :)

Goodbye Grissom

Sunday, December 13, 2009 § 0

It had been an enlightening shower this afternoon. It was because I finally realized what I'm going to be and what major should I take. I'm going to take Information Engineering and Media (NTU) hopefully or IT (ITB). Why I choose those subjects? Because I think I'm in love with Media and something that has to do with technology. Obviously I like standing in front of my laptop for hours and hours. So, why not go to those subjects? And in five or eight years from now, hopefully, the world would turn into better place that use technology to improves our lives.

went to Shoe Workshop yesterday. It was fun. But a bit tiring. I learned how to paint shoes (obviously) and I painted one! It was grey, but with it has pink diamonds. Its not really cute or something that you can wear with formal clothes, but its something that you can wear everyday. I really am proud of it.

I want that so badly. Its Ralph Steadman's hand bag. He's an awesome painter. He's just... wonderful. I love his paintings. I love his drawings.

Oh, I didn't went to Brightspot. Instead I went to Nacil's birthday bash. Told about it later, with pictures. So, gotta study now. Adios
(click this to go to his "fancy goods" web)

I Guess I'll Call It a Life

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 § 0

I cut my hair impulsively. Well, not really. But it wasn't a month-thinking, it was more like "Okay my hair is long and doesn't have style, I should cut my hair. Oh and also I need bangs". But it turned out to be good. At first I was mad because I cut my hair to short but when I asked my friends, they seemed to not recognized that I've cut my hair at all.
I'm sick. Mentally and physically. Well, I'm tired mentally and sick physically. I've been drinking pills. I'm so tired right now. Tired mentally and physically. I want to be fine. I want to be healthy. I want to be... free.
Saturday is Nacil's dinner party, which I'm gonna attend. I've bought a special dress to attend her birthday dinner. Its not all pretty and all formal, just a good black dress. With shoulder-padded beads-covered. It's a bit mature way, but its a good and pretty darn cheap dress. But I miss shopping time with Mum. Haven't got anytime for daughter-mum shopping time. I think I'm gonna do it in Brightspot Market.

So anyway, since there's no other thing that I could talk about, signing off. x

found the picture at this link

Morning, Chicago

Saturday, December 5, 2009 § 0

Its been awhile. But don't think that I abandon this web by purpose. I'm just busy and writing while uploading photos just take too much time, so usually I only signed in tumblr.
I just got back from Singapore. I went to an edu trip there, visited numerous of great top 200 universities in the world, NUS, NTU, SIM, SMU and Lasalle. I didn't visit Lasalle, though, because I took the Science tour, the one who took Social tour went to Lasalle. I did see the building of Lasalle, it was beautiful, work of art.
Some of the pics:

I made great photos. I love those times, although I was sick. I felt like I wanted to vomit, but I didn't. And my stomach ached. I'm fine now.
So... nothing else to say. Although I miss those time. So... see you

Though It Hurts To Make It On Your Own

Friday, November 6, 2009 § 0

Nothing feels better to me than the sun when it meets the ocean at the early spring. Already bright, but still caught the dark from the last winter. Its breathtaking. And the mixed-up smell. I never lived near the beach when it happens, but I can imagine its unique scent.
And the truth is, my mood kinda mix of those feeling. There are some parts that bright, filled with happy things and fun things. But the others... they are still cold. Sometimes I couldn't bear it. When I couldn't, I yelled. I complained.
And forgive me, mon ami, if I yelled at you for some reason or no reason at all. Life is making me mad and helpless, pointless. If it isn't because of random awesome things like music and books and great laughs from friends, I wouldn't survive.

"I got a broken smile and arrogant lie." is pretty much what happens to me lately. Its what I called reality. Nothing beats the sudden decrease mood of mine. Really, nothing. I hope life gets better. I hope. Surely hope.
I know I whines a lot. Like a real lot. But this because I'm not the kind of girl that you can find nodding to the rules, I'm the kind of girl that goes out of those rules, not really break it but just, not really doing it. I realized that I'm not the kind of girl that could go to the formal school and study things, I don't memorize things, I understand things; but its too late now. I'm 15 and an 11 grade student, its irreversible now.

Best wishes,
PS: I miss the sea. A lot. Help?


Sunday, October 18, 2009 § 2

Fariz Hirzan's

Sea of Love

Monday, October 12, 2009 § 0

"I miss the sea. The smell of it. The colour of it, the sparkling light that reflected from the sky. The gradations of it, that ensembles pretty blue colour. The feeling when crystal-clear water embraces my hand. The feeling when the water swept my hair and I don't care if the water ruin my hair. The pretty fish that dancing around me, as if there's no such thing as crime exists in this world. The world down there is so pretty. Beautiful fish gather around, or just staying in the coral. And the feeling when dive from one place to another is as if we only weigh a gram. I miss it."

My Kind of Guy

Sunday, October 11, 2009 § 0

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends here in facebook to answer this.Then see what happens.
If you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
If you're a girl - post this as "my kind of boy"
1. Do you need him/her to be good looking? it would be fine but who cares good look if you have good heart?
2. Smart? yep, smarter than me but not rocket science smart, but Tony Stark smart
3. Preferred age? older, my friends are mostly older than me, and well, yeah, I prefer older, much older, but not 30 years older!
4. Preferred height?
taller than me
5. How about sense of humor?
good sense of humor
6. How about piercing? no
7. Accepts you for who you are? yep yep yep
8. Pink hair? What would my friends say?
9. Mushy or no? no
10. Thin or fat?
in between, Jason Segel's or Alexander Skarsgard's
11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? white, tanned, Alexander Skarsgard's tan, Mark Owen's skin colour
12. Long hair or short hair? depends, does he look good on long hair? I like both
13. Plastic or metal? huh?
14. Smells good? yep, has his own scents that defined him
15. Smoker? he must be straightedge
16. Drinker? straightedge
17. Girl/Boy-next-door type? nope, I like the mysterious, but well known kinda guy
18. Muscular? he works out yes, but not really muscular
19. Plays piano? errr yes I guess, depends
20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? definitely!! I like seeing a guy who has accoustic guitar in his room, he appreciates music
21. Plays violin? mm no thanks.
22. Sings very good? it doesn't matter.
23. Vain? don't think so
24. With glasses? doesn't matter
25. With braces? doesn't matter
26. Shy type? not shy but calm
27. Rebel or good boy/girl? he knows when to be in a good time, being rebel, but not everyday
28. Active or passive? doesn't matter
29. Tight or bomb? err in between
30. Singer or dancer? depends
31. Stunner? no thank you
32. Hiphop? cool
33. Earrings? no thank you
34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
no thank you, I'ma jealous type
35. Dimples? errr nope, well, depends
36. Bookworm? yep
37. Mr/Ms. love letter? no thank you, texts are enough.
38. Playful? well, okay maybe.
39. Flirt? depends
40. Poem writer? not a real job, but he could if he wants to
41. Serious? at times.
42. Campus crush? no, thank you
43. Painter? double yes, but not the crazy painter
44. Religious? of course!!
45. Someone who likes to tease people? yes, he laughs others, but he knows boundaries.
46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak? mix of both
47. Speaks 20 languages? whoa, it would be cool.
48. Loyal or faithful? both
49. Good kisser? should I answer this? No? K
50. Loves children? yep!!!

Breath In

Thursday, October 8, 2009 § 0

I miss it. No no. Not you. Not them. Not other people. But it. A memory. A long-lost-gone-broken-far-away-I-don't-recall-where-it-is memory. Or it wasn't even a memory I guess. I don't know for sure. But I miss it. I don't know if it's either a feeling or rather memory.
I remember being there, breathing very nice after-rain air.
I remember I'm standing in the field. Green. And I couldn't see any buildings, or such. Trees and green field. Grass.
And the sky is blue, with clouds. White clouds.
I can only smell the after-rain air and the grass.
I danced, laughed.
There was someone. Someone that I don't recall a guy or a girl. But that person was with me along the way.
Trees were behind me. Standing still. Proudly.
It was cold, though. I wore the other person's sweatshirt. Oh I guess it was him, not her. A guy.
I felt the cold air. But it wasn't the kind of cold that you hate, not the cold cold. But rather... overwhelming, breathtaking air.
I only hear the silence. We laughed of course, and talked, but other than that, I only hear the silence. The good silence. Not the empty silence. But the kind of silence you need when you want to relax. No no, not the spa silence. But... it was... one of the silence that makes you feel like you want to sleep because you are so tired.
It wasn't perfect fairy tale, though.
Needless to say. I wanted to go back to that place again. That moment, that feeling, that smell.



Thursday, October 1, 2009 § 0

My favorite TV Shows ever, the first before House!! OMG I love Charlaine Harris' books in the Sookie Stackhouse's series, I owned the 2nd until 4th. OMFrigginG. The source of them pics: this

If ever Bill text Sookie:

The Interview (this is funny)

I Barely Have Time To Study

Sunday, September 27, 2009 § 0

Hiya, lads! Hows your weekend? Mine's pretty charming, I slept over at my cousins' hotel room, so its pretty much lovely. We went out for food and for some fun, we watched Phobia 2. We got back from the hotel around 1 am. It was total fun, though the guys smoked all the time, but it was good. Very good. I wish we stayed in the hotel much longer, we could go to other places. We didn't do anything much yesterday, only laugh and a movie, oh some of us ate dinner together (the others ate dinner with their mums and their friends). I stayed up all night until dawn yesterday, felt like I was a vampire, I stayed up with Almo (we both couldn't sleep, I tried to, he smoked instead). It was weird to found out that I could sleep at dawn.

Holiday is going to end soon enough, next week is mid test, but I haven't study yet. I'll study things this week, promise.

My maids haven't got back from their homes yet, so I'm doing the dishes, while Mum do the other. Wish they go back soon. But my driver will be here tomorrow, so maybe I could buy some DVDs and go to the dentist tomorrow.

I asked mein bruder earlier today at lunch, to give me present when next year before he get back, he only nodded, my only hope is that he's not the kind of guy who likes to give away promises and false hopes.

So off to bed now. x


Friday, September 25, 2009 § 0

Hello! Been long since I post! Howryadoin? I'm going to say, firstly, I'm sorry for all of my mistakes. Its going to be a week after Eid tomorrow, so the end of school is near, but worry nothing my love, I have enough vacation, but I don't have enough time to study when I was in Bandung, well... I only studied biology there, not any other.
I'm going out with my cousins tomorrow, oh and probably a sleep over wouldn't hurt, right? They're coming to Jkt, even Kaka Kiky are going to be here, its going to be superb! I guess tomorrow is a movie marathon?
Okay, so long. I'm going to take a nap. It had been a long day. And I'm super hungry. I'm going to watch Sense and Sensibility now. See ya xx

The Name of The Title Of This Post Is Secret

Sunday, September 13, 2009 § 0

Went for sushi yesterday. And good books. And good laugh. At first we were going to Brightspot Market, at first, but then I was not feeling well, I overslept from 3 pm until 4, I saw few messages and IMs and BBMs from Fiya, Zara and Rara. I felt guilt, but I soon found out that neither Fiya nor Zara got out from home and Rara still with her Mum in Gading, so I didn't feel very guilty. I was a bit lightheaded so I decided not to go out eventhough I was the one who planned it :p but they insisted, Rara even used the phrase "If you don't go out I will snab you", so I slept for a while like about 10-15 mins and then I went to PS. To make the short story short, we went to Sushi Tei. I only ordered Agedashi Tofu and Cold Ocha which was free of charge. But, the downside was that I couldn't resist books, good books. The truth is and always will be, I'm a geek. I read books, good books, well there are a few that are bad, but not all of them bad.
So, I was looking for
Flawless (from the series, Pretty Little Liars) when I found out about this absurdly good book: The Name Of This Book Is Secret written by Pseudonymous Bosch, yes it is not his real name. This book is uh-mazing! Very... tricky, there are some anagrams and codes and... its just fun. Its the first of his Secret series. And you should go to his website! OMG. I'm not exaggerating here. Very addictive book. Oh and did I mention you I bought the third series of Sookie Stackhouse too? Yes I did.
Tomorrow I'm going to catch some movies with my schoolmates, if I don't overslept. Hope not. I guess I'm going out for the whole day, there's no maid in my home anyway.
So, see you when I see you.
Oh by the way, this guy is addictive, I bought the whole Second Season! Gosh Hugh Laurie is a great actor!

Found it from: here

I Wonder Do You Still?

Thursday, September 10, 2009 § 1

This is the cutest compliment song ever:

They say your middle name is trouble
But I know it's Caroline
They say you remind them of problems
But I think you look like Audrey
Caroline, I know
That you put on a show
Everytime you two disagree
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
They say they can smell the drama
But I know it's "No. 5"
They say you only bring heartache
But I know you brought a bottle of wine
Caroline,I know
That you put on a show
Everytime you two disagree
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
They say you're like a Monday morning
I say you're like a Friday night
I don't get their points
Anytime is a good time for being with you
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
Acid House Kings -
This Heart is A Stone

How are you doing? I'm so glad tomorrow is friday which means no school, well actually there is but I'm planning to cut off school, there's no way in heaven I would go to school tomorrow! I mean, there's no science subjects tomorrow, so it would be obviously useless to go to school tomorrow, well maybe today is the last time I see him until two weeks from now, but that's okay, I mean... two weeks wouldn't kill me. Right? And its not like I'm his anything or something and I might be his nothing. K, enough with the love talk, its making me puke.
I'm addicted to: True Blood, House and The Bravery lately, I'm playing The Ocean over and over again. And Coldplay's Shiver too.
Question of the day:
If you get a chance to live forever (I mean like forever forever until Judgment Day) will you take it? Why?


Monday, September 7, 2009 § 0
Read it and weep!! Or scared. Oh and read about the Atlantics!


Saturday, September 5, 2009 § 0

The Take That star will wed long-term girlfriend Emma Ferguson – mother of his two children, Elwood Jack, three, and nine-month-old Willow Rose – in November at a secret venue in Scotland.The couple have sent out save-the-date invites and guests – who will include Mark's bandmates Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Jason Orange – have been told to meet at a pick-up point, where they will be taken to the mystery location.
A source said: "They have picked a venue that's special to them. But they want it to be a surprise for their family and friends right up until the big day."
"Everyone has been trying to guess where it is, but not even Gary, Howard or Jason know where they will be."
"All they know is they have a night off and won't be expected to provide the entertainment for the night."
Mark, 37, first proposed to Emma in 2006 but delayed their nuptials due to the
birth of their two children as well as Mark's commitments with Take That.
The source added: "Mark and Emma have been planning their wedding for sometime and have put a lot of thought into what they wanted."
"They already have two beautiful children so getting married is just the icing on the cake for their family."

How shocking is that? I mean... my favorite idol is going to marry his fiancee. I already knew he would marry her, but... but not... I'm disappointed. Ciao

All You Need Is Love

Thursday, September 3, 2009 § 0

And then while I'm away
I'll write home everyday
And I'll send all my loving to you

How are you lately? Been long since I've posted my last blog post! I had some things going on lately and that's not good! I'm sick right now, I'm as sick as a dogggg! Oh bloody help! My body heat is similar to True Blood's shapeshifters' body heat!
If I'm not as sick as I am right now, I wouldn't post this, I would be sitting at Pancious restaurant with my MESIS 2011. I wonder what are they doing right now... it must be fun.
I'm currently:
reading: Charlaine Harris' Living Dead in Dallas
listening: Green Day's 21 Guns
Ben and Jerry's
wanting: The Sims 3 and Mac OS Snow Leopard
editing pics, diy projects
couldn't wait for: being healed from this bloody sickness, my Take That poster and magazines, my River Phoenix T's; oh and Eid day
liking: fashion mix-matchs
playing: website games

write to ya later

And For The Record, I Miss You

Friday, August 21, 2009 § 8

I miss spending times with those circus performers. Especially Lewis. Lewis doesn't go to the same school anymore. It's because those placement things. Here in Indonesia we need to be in either Social (Humanity) class or Science class. Pretty lame and retarded, needless to say. And Lewis couldn't be at the Science one, so he supposed to go to the Social one, he wants to be a doctor :3 how cool!
What I feel right now is pretty empty. Nothing fills in (should it be fills in or fill?) my mind. Only simple notes, songs and God. I couldn't say I don't feel anything, though. There are some things, but nothing biggie. School's also making me sick, so pretty much nothing.
My "I Love You More" version, taken from Aaudi's blog :
- I love you more than Nachyl loves her dogs
- I love you more than Betary loves to go out with her brother
- I love you more than Rara loves to be a model
- I love you more than Lewis loves his car
- I love you more than Dini loves red things
- I love you more than Karin loves Texas Hold 'Em Poker
- I love you more than Leantongue loves her music
- I love you more than Ifi loves her Pak Oji
- I love you more than Emir loves himself
- I love you more than Bibir loves soccer
- I love you more than DW loves his computer
- I love you more than Danu loves his comics
- I love you more than Mei loves her cellphone
- I love you more than Vini's french accent
- I love you more than Cece loves her brother
- I love you more than Linka loves her nap time
- I love you more than Diva loves her laptop
- I love you more than David loves his brown backpack
- I love you more than Rahman loves his chocolates
- I love you more than Centa loves baseball
- I love you more than Eleny loves to sing
- I love you more than Emil loves her lost glasses
- I love you more than Zara loves her blackberry
- I love you more than Nisna loves vampires
- I love you more than Fiya loves indie bands
- I love you more than Ninda loves to fight with her boyfriend
- I love you more than Wardha loves America

love you see you xxx

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