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As the first light of the day creeped in, a woman sighed on her loved one's chest, snuggling tighter to his warmth and constant stroke of heartbeats. She smiled, watching as her current pillow rose and fell rhythmically as the person slept soundly, without caring for the world that was currently changing all around him-- her growing older second by second (as he was), the sun is shining brighter, the birds sung prettily and the atoms everywhere were rotating and spinning together in an age-old dance.

The woman kissed her man's nose.

Three times.

And then he woke up.
"Hullo." he greeted, kissing her mouth lightly. His voice was still raspy from sleep.
The woman only giggled.
"Why are you up so early, sweet?" he asked worriedly.
"Nothing," she drawled, "Thanks for letting me grow."
His brow furrowed, making him to look older than he actually was-- he did not need to ask, it was written all over his face.

"I mean... we have known each other for so long. We were dancing around one another since we were little and, yet, instead of chasing me around like those people who were so greedy to be in a marriage since they claimed they have loved since they were both in childhood. But not us. You allowed me to find, and eventually define, my own happiness first. You allowed me to grow into this person that I am right now, to be this precise person that is right here with your ring around my finger. You allowed me to live my own life to the point of I eventually got tired of being alone without you. And I realized that, actually, I belong to nowhere else, but in your arms. For that, thank you, my heart. I love you."

He kissed her deeply. "I love you, my life."
He did not need to say anything more. His actions were more than enough.
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