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Good Evening London~

Saturday, August 30, 2008 § 0

Over the years your bodies become walking autobiographies, telling friends and strangers alike of the minor and major stresses of your life

by Marilyn Ferguson

Hey people! It's been years since I wrote in this blog, lol, too dramatic, eh? Um, I'm sitting here in my living room watching Lake House and browsing Lomography and Hong Kong, oui monsieur and mademoiselle! I'm going to Hong Kong this October, 3rd with moi family, oui, big family ;) yeah I'm like waiting for it so much, but I have to make my marks great, dude MARKS lol, oh yeah I got new nickname Owen's Own lol, so cute, eh? Lol em okay, I know my blog nor my art works ain't as pretty as that gal, I know I can't do things as perfect as her, but I have to let myself being as cool as her, right? I mean, she's obviously my role model, though I never met her, hmmm, someone does though and um yeah, I do I do I do believe that everyone can do better than they think, I mean, duh? It's not because they can't do things but it because they don't want to, and trust me that's A HUGE different; Been there done that.

Oh oh yeah, I'm going to Hong kong for not only for shopping or go to disneyland, but I'm going to hunting pics, oui I'm going to bring both my Fisheye and my Supersampler! Oui, my Bluebelle and my Y-E-S! lol, I'm going to love the trip. oui oui I know that Hong Kong is not as pretty as London nor America that has those beautiful buildings, but Hong Kong has those pretty people too, right? Okay that means that I just can't wait to be in Hong Kong, oh well at least I just can wait to my getaway vacation! I need it so bad lol ;D

Okay hm, things that happened lately? Nothing, nada. I mean, I do cried twice this week but, hey, it's been like soooooo long since I cried that hard, lol. First one caused by moi self and Smother movie, lol, I cried. Then second one caused by moi too, because I want so badly to my getaway vacation it was yesterday, I really want to go to somewhere, not Jakarta, I mean doesn't mean that I hate Jakarta but... I want to go to Bandung sooooo BAAAAAADLY rawrrr, or somewhere else, don't care don't think but I want to go to bandung, oui mere, I want to go to bandung; and yeah by movie too, Click, lol those movies are related to reason that I cried. Hm, I always carried around things like that, I mean those coincidence thingy, its been here since like forever but i dont hate it, I dont complain about it, i don't know if it's a curse or if its a blessing, i think ill survive lol.

those are those things are things. though the lovers' love the lovers gone the lover love the loversgone ;)


Owen's Own ;)

Good Luck

Sunday, August 24, 2008 § 0

Ah. I'm so sad today. Yes, I cried, again, today. I don't know the reason why. I was just listening to some music on my iPod, waiting for my pop and mom at car. Listening to, hm, Diary I guess, yeah Diary. Then I cried. Out. I've never been like this before. I've never been cried with no reason at all. Well, I've never been cried before. Well, since this three days... I don't know.

Hey, I just looked at my friend's myspace, she's white but moslem, God! How cool is that? And I heard her playlist and there's this band that hip-hop but moslem yes, people that awesome! here's the link : Native Deen those guy are awesomeeeee!


Em i've been wordless since like two hours ago and yeah I'm going to sleep

Happy Ending

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 § 0

What is happy ending anyway? Some people says that "there's no such thing as a happy ending, because happy doesn't have to have an end,"
But what about sad end?
How about it?
They say happy doesn't have to end. But how about sad end? Is sad have to end? Or, just like happy, sad doesn't have to end? How about it? Because, right now, I do feel a little bit sad. Is it that bad? Is it that hopeless?
I kinda sad right now. Incredibly sad.
Since... yesterday. Yeah, I think so. Yesterday was a bit... a quite... sad day. Yesterday I cry out loud. Ah well, you have to let me cry, I've never been cried before lol.

Um, whatelse?
Yeah, today me and some of my friends in moi schoolo went to Tugu-something, it's nice you know, but I hate it somuchoooooooooooooooo!
Agak capek gitu hahaha aduh pokoknya baca aja deh nihyah posting gue di blog interb, hahaha udahlah baca ajaya okay ilopyou all


iamabit tired right now, vingt et un <3


Sunday, August 17, 2008 § 0

I still don't understand what to write. I'm still....... a bit.... confused. I don't know what to write. I don't know where to go. It's a bit confusing. I'm a big girl now. But I still don't know where to go,what to write, who to be, why I'm here, how should I live.

I'm still... trapped.

Trapped by those unusual things.

Fell of to the ground.

Crying and begging for mercy. Reaching and finding something out there.

Something that rather... unreal. I don't know what to do right now. I'm clueless. My life is a big whole punch pack of BOLLOCKS!

I'm still searching, though. Searching for something that, yes, unusual.
But, it's a bit questioning about why I am really that... lost.
Love, maybe? Or fortune? Or even life?
Oh dear, I don't know. I'm still careless about my life. What shall I do to survive this jungle of mistery? I'm still stuck.
At this giant big gigantic web. And also alone.
Screaming and shouting at something that I... can't see.
Something that I can't touch.
Something that unreal. Something that not alive.
Nor dead. Nor both.
I'm restless. I'm breathless. I'm speechless.
I'm not aware. I don't care. Nothing's alive for me now. Not even myself.
I can't survive.
I can't believe in anything anymore.
I'm still...... I don't.........
I think I'm......... lost.
However, I don't mind.
I don't mind being lost.
I don't mind restless.
I don't mind being alone.
Alone is something that I'm good at!
Alone is something better than nothing
Alone is better than empty
Alone is better than...
Alone is better than.....
Alone is better, so much better than...
Alone is very much better than....
Oh God. I'm speechless.
I don't know what to say
I'm not speechless.
No, I'm not.
I'm wordless.
I'm liveless.
I'm... nothing.
Yes. I'm better off alone.
No one love me.
No one care.
No one trying to understand me.
My life is nothing but shame.
My life is nothing but emptyness.
My life is... nothing.

Pardon me my English

Saturday, August 16, 2008 § 0

Kata Mark Drews, guru Native gue: "It's okay if you can't write. Write is art, not everyone can do that,"

Dia diem bentar, terus ngomong lagi "Have you ever watched movie called adadeh gue lupa who made by Steven Spielberg?"

Gue geleng-geleng, I've never watched that movie, "It was Spielberg's first movie. I've watched it, it was a great movie, yeah, Spielberg! (Si Mark sambil membuat tampang wack!) "Then, not long after that, the publisher sells the Merchandise, such as T-Shirts, hats, pen and such things. And also novel, that written by Steven Spielberg," pas kalimat terakhir dia ngomongnya pake aksen Britishnya yang kental anying mantep sekaley!

"I bought it, and I read it. It was... awfull! The words is fine, and the sentence was grammatically, but it was rubbish! He can't write! He can only produce movies, but he can not write anything." Gue diem.

"So, the point is not everyone can write. Write is an art. Not everyone is good at writing. Maybe they are good at grammar, but the point of writhing is: You have to make the readers feels your writing, no one wants to read just straight sentence,"

I nodded, he got a point there!

And he talked about things like the native problems and such things, I listened, but I still don't get it. But the point is he got a point there, ight?

Gak semua orang bisa nulis! Gak semua orang bisa nulis sesuatu yang bagus. Gak semua orang bisa membuat tulisan jadi sebuah art. Gak semua orang bisa menjadi William Shakespere. Gak semua orang punya tulisan yang eye-catchy. Cuma beberapa doang. Contohnya Steven Spielberg, dia cuma bisa jadi producer, director; but not as a writer! Gak semua orang bisa jadi penulis. Jadi kalo ngebaca bacaan yaang biasa aja, yg gak ada naik turunnya yaah karena mungkin orang itu gak diciptakan untuk menjadi penulis, mungkin orang itu bisanya ngarang tapi gak bisa nulis. Ngarang sama nulis kan beda banget. Gak semua orang sama. Gak semua orang diciptain sama Tuhan jadi penulis.

So, if you don't think you can't write, don't! Maybe you are a good writer, but you have many things that better than writing. Don't take it to hard, you must have other things that better than writing!

Au revoir
vingt et un, deux <3>

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