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Survey Questions: Romantic Love

Sunday, January 8, 2017 § 0

The purpose of this survey is to determine whether or not people have the same idea of romantic love, or is it only an idealised and conceptualised form of entertainment that is shared globally. The subject of this survey is expected to write their age, gender, and location on the top right of the answer sheet as a statistical input.

The subject of this survey (from henceforth will be referred as "the subject") is expected to answer the following questions below with complete honesty and a minimum of ten words for each answer. The subject is not allowed to answer each questions using quotes from movies/tv series/literature piece/magazines/advertisements or any other copyrighted items. The subject is given an hour to complete this survey.

The survey is divided into two sections, please complete each one with complete honesty.

Section 1: Questions
In this section, the subject is expected to reply based on their opinion regarding certain issue. If there is a question which the subject cannot answer due to indecisiveness or incomprehension, please write "unable to answer due to personal reason" in the answer sheet.

  1. What is it about romantic love that everyone wants to taste?
  2. Who branded romantic love so well that it is marketable? To what purpose?
  3. Are we only going to feel romantic love through the means of screens?
  4. Are we inherently seeking for romantic love, or are we only doing it because it is branded all over the world?
  5. Is romantic love a special set of skills that only few people have? If so, is it nature or nurture?
  6. Is romantic love only great if it is a shared experience? If so, why? If not, why?
  7. Do you think you deserve romantic love? If so, why? If not, why?
Section 2: Fill in sentences
In this section, the subject is expected to fill in sentences below. The subject is allowed to write as many paragraphs they want for each sentence. A few of these points require the subject to pick one sentence that suits their opinion the most, please strikethrough the other option. Do not leave anything blank. 

  1. Romantic love is___
  2. Romantic love is necessary for/to___
    orRomantic love is unnecessary for/to___
  3. I was taught/informed by___ that romantic love is___ why it sticks to me and I think it is true because___
    I came up with my own idea of romantic love because___
  4. I have experienced/I am currently experiencing romantic love before and to me it felt/feels__
    I have never experienced romantic love before and I imagine it feels like___
  5. If I have an option, I would like to have a romantic love which___
  6. My life would be more complete if romantic love is/not in it because___
  7. Romantic love is better than/worse than/similar with platonic love because___
  8. Romantic love has/has not let me down before because of its inability/ability to___
  9. The reason why I feel/felt romantic love towards___ is/was because___
    The reason why I've never felt romantic love is because___
  10. The world would be better/worse/the same if romantic love is experienced by everyone because___
When the subject has finished with their survey, please return both question and answer sheets to their intended surveyor. Tissue and hot chocolate will be provided upon request.

Thank you for being part of this survey.
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