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Saturday, December 27, 2008 § 1

Hello there, world! It's ben ages since I write blog, yes, I have reason: I'm in Bandung with my family. Need take a long vaca, but I think I'll be back on Monday.
What happened here:
  1. I met Amma and Avi. My chat mate from Bandung. Amma was Gigan's girlfriend, she's his ex. Gigan is Adrian's best friend. I knew Amma from chat, but then I discovered that she was Adrian's classmate. That was interesting, right? That the world is so small. Well, Indonesia is. And she is my friend's classmate, Herani is my friend from Junior High and now she goes to SMA 3 Bandung. And also Avi is Mirra's classmate too. Mirra is my friend from Adik Irma. Previous junior high before 115.
  2. Chat with Sacha Hilton yes. The great Sacha Hilton that still 18! That lives in Paris. I CHAT WITH HIM. OH MI GOD RIGHT? REALLY OH MY GOSH. He's incredibly nice. He's so welcomed. Oh my Gosh he's so nice! I really looking forward to chat with him.
  3. I nail polished my nail with red, blood red. I bought it from Face shop. Yes, not Facebook.

Oh yes, I met Adrien when I went to PVJ with Amma and Avi. He asked if I want to come with him to Tizi with his parents--whom my uncle and aunt--but I said no, I don't want to ruin family night; he was with his friends and he wanted to picked his girlfriends, yes, Caca.

I know it's no use blog. I just c an't help it to write on the blog
Loves, bad hair day, red blood nail polish

If I have a Big Closet Full of

Sunday, December 21, 2008 § 1

Winter by DillaF
This is what would I wear for winter in UK (as if)

IDK by DillaF
IDK about this

Dinner at Granny's by DillaF
Dinner at Granny's

that's all folks. sorry for the inconvenience <3



§ 0

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way.
Your Job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear.
And it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.
But -

I'll be there for you ... when the rain starts to fall.
I'll be there for you ... like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you ... cause you're there for me, too.

You're still in bed at ten and work began at eight.
You've burned your breakfast, so far everything is great.
Your mother warned you there'd be days like these.
But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees.
That -

I'll be there for you ... when the rain starts to fall.
I'll be there for you ... like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you ... cause you're there for me, too.
(The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You, FRIENDS Theme)
Yousee... how much I love my fwends. They always help me when I'm down and theyre there when I laugh. I love my friends, but sometime they just, like, "hey, we WERE your friends so get the hell out of my face." and I was like,... what? Oh okay. And they acted, like, we just knew each other, like I was stranger; it was long story though, all of my friends arent like that anymore.
What happened today was... I went to Sency with my friend, Gisa, she was my EF friend, but because I don't go to EF anymore, she's just my regular plain friend. Well, we're close but not as close as my classmate. But we're mate :)
We watched Transporter. Ive watched it before wiff Eleny, Wayday and Centa on Friday, so I'm already aware which scene and sequence that scary or just, like, make your heart jump. But I just love watching movies,
I've watched so far:
1. Twilight : twice
2. The Transporter 3 : twice
3. The Day The Earth Stood Still : once
4. The Other Boleyn Girl : none, planning on

Any ideas for good movies, guys? and kiss and makeups

Facebook In Reality

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 § 0

I found this on Konrad. Funny :)

Oh Dear...

§ 0

How much I miss HOLIDAYS and my friends.........

Blood in Rose

§ 0

I really like the title. I don't know why. I found the title while searching for my blog template; the title was for a layout that quite... sad. I don't know why, the first thing that caught my eyes was the background. The background was a photo that photographed branches of tress, but the branches was red, blood red...

Anyway I search cool things called typography on : I can read and yes I'm a geek and Stefan Bruggemann and kari-shma  and RADARD  I love all of them. And I register Tumblr, too. I don't know why since I was child, I always love photography, art and design and creating something. That's why I encourage myself to study harder so I can study at ITB. ITB is one of the finest art and technology uni in Indonesia. And I hope, I can go and study there.

I've been there, ITB I mean, once. I went there with SSC. It was a goodbye-trip. It was this year. May I think. We went there with a big bus. I sat with Kina. At first she didn't sure if she wants to go to ITB with us or go to Dufan with the rest of her class, she insisted to go to Dufan, but her father said that it was no good to go to Dufan so she eventually go to ITB with me. More story on my myspace blog. Oh wow, I haven't check my myspace since... I don't know a week ago? Oh well.

You know one thing in trust that I hate the most? Is feeling betrayed. I hate betrayal. Being betrayed, trust me, is one of the single most annoying thing in your life. Somebody betrayed me. Thrice or more. And I don't think it's okay, it's far from okay. Feeling betrayed is, like, nobody trust you. Nobody understand you and nobody give a **** about you. Nobody cares. It feels like... everything is okay but you. Some things cannot be explained. So... yeah, I wish all of you can just like once feels a teeny tiny bit, just like a little, feeling being betrayed. Betrayed is not one of the things that we can handle, well, I can't so... yeah. I'm a bit sad.

Just like Konrad said:
Life is a bitch
Love will tear us apart
Youre so f***ed up



Tuesday, December 16, 2008 § 0

Yesterday, Rara, Betary and I went to PIM. We planned it since like hm, the day before, we were planning to go to Pasar Pagi or Pasar Baru but neither of us know where the place is so we went to PIM instead.
The day before, Rara went to my house and she sleepover at my house, we were laughing, websurfing, eating pizzas and pastas, love talk and reading minds and things. We slept at 4 am and woke up at 11 am and we thought that why not we go somewhere, well, we did.
We decided to go to PIM, then Rara got picked up by her father at 12 something. Then I took a shower and get ready then I went to Betary's house to picked them both. Then we went straight to PIM.

At pim we decided to watch movie:

the movie was ahmazing, you guys should watch it!
It was about saving the earth. All of these time we know that the Earth is dying, and if the Earth dies, so do we, right? So the alien (who played by the handsome Keanu Reeves) came into the Earth and tried to "confront" and "talk" to human. He came with this big humongous sphere and he has big giant black one-eyed robot. Keanu's character can do things, like manipulate electricity, bringing people from dead and other incredible things. When the sphere landed, the first person he met was siapaitunamanyacewekbentarguecheckdulu Jennifer Connelly. She was a astrobiologist (scientist that studies organism outside planet earth), she was recruited by her friend to studies the sphere, at first they thought that the sphere was not a sphere-shaped, but like asteroid-shaped or something and they also thought that the sphere was fire-covered, but no, it wasn't.
The conclusion was: SAFE THE EARTH, bahkan alien aja marah soalnya kita ngerusak bumi terus-terusan, alien sampe bikin conclusion di McDonald's pinggir jalan supaya ngehancurin bumi. Oui, Keanu and thechinesseguyfrombalssoffury decided in a McDonald's restaurant to destroy human race and all of it's things.
How? By using somekind of teeny tiny bugs that can eat all of things but not grass, trees or living things on Earth, by human as the exception.
There was a professor that said and I quoted (lupa apa yg benernya) "Manusia itu baru menyadari sesuatu ketika udah ada di tepi kehancuran" it was so much better when the professor and Keanu says it. And well, the ending was Keanu saves the human race and he came to his original planet.

Overall I just love the movie, and I'm in love with it more than I'm in love with Twilight. I'm freak about Twilight, but I care about Earth more than I want to be a vampire. And I wish to God to make Earth better more than I wish I was vampire. I need Earth more than I need vampire, well I need God too.

yesterday I bought THE CIRCUS. TAKE THAT NEWEST CD :) I was so happy about it. And also I saw Arifin Putra for the second time, he wore a green t, he was alone <3

The Circus, enviousness, imdb, Pink Floyd and Lollipop Bubblegum,

PS: why am I envy and jealous at people lately? Oh God, why?

Saturday Night Feeling Bright

Saturday, December 13, 2008 § 2

Hello there, monsieur, mademoiselle and madame. this is your pretty writer writing the blog. I can asure you that I don't have nothing to write. Oh okay lets just recap what I did today;
What I did today was.....
  1. I woke up at 8 am and I went straight to the kitchen and asked my maid to make some breakfast and I ate breakfast; my mum asked me to accompany her to the saloon, well, I said "OK, it's been awhile since I pampered myself," I thought, at first, we were going to my mum's friend's saloon nearby, but she said "Oh, no, we're going to Ambasador, I want to do something with my laptop,"; at first I was, like, oh okay, I do really want to go to Ambasador but I'm so lazy, so on third and fourth thought I said to myself "it's okay, just go, it's been very long time since I pamper and relax, so go on it's okay" then I decided yes I want to go, besides I can shop some things there, too
  2. Pampered myself, I love blows, it made my hair flow flawlessly
  3. Buy some tye die shirts and bali shirt and some necklaces, a ring and bangles, quite nice and... cost me quite... much
  4. Help my mum in her boutique in Kemang, did I mention she has one? Yes she does. She has one boutique in Kemang, sells clothes for older women, women at her age.
  5. Bought many dvds(I assure you it's pirated one)! 90210 series, The Clique (I'm oh so happy when I found the movie), How To Lose Friends and Alienate People (Handsome Simon Pegg!), My Best Friend's Girlfriend, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Center Stage, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 (many howtie guy there! Like Tom Wisdom, the one who played in 300), The Edge of Love, Angus, Thongs and perfect Snogging, Wild Child, BIG STAN (ADA YANG JADI JASPER DI TWILIGHT! HE'S HAWTIE)
  6. Watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants and Big Stan, five stars for them all :)
  7. Missed tatra :(
Hm, what else? I don't know. The best part of today is 1-6, I'm still pretty bad about not go to Tatra, can anyone give me some help? Likeeee "Feeling Less Guilty for Dummies"? Um, whatelse? I don't have fully enough to say about today, it was just perfect. Hm, IDK.
Oh wait, a restaurant (well, I can't actually called it restaurant, because the shop was just like 2 x 5 metres long not really that big I think) made me pissed! They said I haven't pay the bill, but my maid already paid it, she got the bill and they said, "Oh, youre confused with the bill darling, you are short by 21rupiahs" and I was paid it and ran away WITHOUT say thank you. Am I being rough? Well, I don't think so because they had problems with math I think, lol :p

Ohyeah I still confused about what kind of phone that I want, iPhone or Xperia or 5800, any ideas anyone? The thing with iPhone is I can't make some random songs to be my ringtone, the thing about Xperia: too expensive cost me $1050 or less I don't know how much $ right now, the thing about 5800: nothing, but the competition makes me want to buy other phone. I'm stuck in confusing. Oh okay, I'm not that rich, my dad happens to work at this network company so he "usually" got some phone, but I don't know about Xperia, but for iPhone and 5800 and Blackberry I still can "steal" some.

Relationship: always dreaming about something that impossible" sigh....... I am, still thinking about Twilight... and wondering if I was Bella Swan and I have a vampire guy like Edward Cullen......... imposible? Oui. No need to questioning about it, nothing is impossible, but having a vampire guy? Yes, it is impossible. I don't think so. Oh wait, talking about vampire, I remember my teacher (Mr. Acep) said, "Oh, so do you want to bite by vampire, then?" and I was laughing and said, "If he handsome, I'll do it," HEYAIYALAH TOLONG YA PLIS KALO KAYAK EDWARD GUE MAH RELA, eh engga sih, mending sm yg normal aja, but as sweet as protective as cool as handsome as almost perfect as Edward Cullen... Can I keep you?

Movie marathon, Melee, BOYCE AVENUE, Alejandro Manzano, Tom Wisdom, hot chocolate, sleepy eyes,


Friday, December 12, 2008 § 2

Gosh, who are those undoubtedly amazing people? Twilight I mean. I really love the casts, they pictured and reflected the characters perfectly, God! And Fiya absolutely right, the Cullen's house is incredibly... cool, calm and I'd love to live there with the Cullens as my family... but I love my real ones better than the Cullens;
I googled the Cullens, then I found out that there's bunch of people that they want to change the cast! Well, not really I don't know but they named the actors and actresses with the Cullens names, like Jesse Spencer is the one who should be Carlisle, hell no way, I don't want the cast change in New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, theyre already perfect!
I'm questioning why I like Carlisle, I mean... he's too old, well, actually he's younger than Mark, but... I likey Carlisle more than I like..... Emmett, he's fine but, I likey Carlisle better, hm.

What happen today?
We watched movies, like from the moment the bell rang for the first time until Friday pray for men, then we went to Nacil's house, well, nobody ask us, just Mr Acep, he just asking some things, and he was the one that say that we don't have any lesson today so it's better to cut off the school and so we did. Yesterday the plan was after school we go to Sushi Tei at Plaza Senayan, BUT nobody showed up, only Nacil, Lintang, Ifi and I, so... we changed the plan and went to Nacil's house with Bajaj. When I got to Nacil's house, I was there for just like one until one and half hour, not really long like I always did. Then I got home and slept until 6 pm, I was so tired. It's 9 pm now... hm... I think I'll sleep late.
Googleing the Cullen and listening to Decode makes me want to watch Twilight.

Um, why do I always get stress these days? Since... I don't know. And my tummy always aching like something bad would happen or nervous. And I always so tired. What is happening to me? Crazy some says. I will learn to survive...

Man, what a life?

love ,lure, webcams with Gisa, hugs from my love ones, handsome guy at FFI, screaming and shouting with Gisa, Keds shoes, lotte gums, milkita and envious and the love ones,


Love and Lures

Thursday, December 11, 2008 § 0

I'm in love with my own class; my friends are inappropriately cool and also theyre very incredibly awesome and affectionally handsome and mysteriously pretty and everything I've always wanted to. NOT that I hate my junior classes, but I really think that my present class is really typeof class that meshed well together, unlike my old ones, when I was a junior, I always thought that there were many groups or cliques so we're not really joined and chemically bonded together, lol.

I love them lately:
  • Maximillion Drake Telliot. He's the one that the co-star at Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) and Catch That Kid (Kristen Stewart, a.k.a. Isabella Swan)
  • Lollipop colored sneakers and nikes
  • Steven Strait, I think he shouldbe Kristen's boyfriend, Idk why they just match
  • Karl Urban, co-stars at: The Chronicles of Riddick, Ghost Ship, Doom;and Pathfinder oh oh and Lord of The Rings and the Bourne Supremacy, but I haven't watch the last one yet
  • Nancy Drew's dresses, clothes, jackets
  • Rachael Leigh Cook's brunette hair, one word: AH-MAZING!
  • Ankle boots
  • Hanging out with my crazy insane classmates
  • Order food with my classmates
  • Break rules with my classmates and icmates
  • Taking crazy pictures
  • Wearing sweat shirts
  • Listening to Sting's songs :3
  • Twilight madness
  • Vacation
  • Bandung at rainy days
  • Lemony Snickets
Whatever remains the day, I'll always regretting never meet you..........
I didn't know what to write so I wrote that, what does it mean?

I'm listening to: MJB, I'm wearing: dress, My mood: swinging, I'm: blogging, fbing, fsing, googleing, messengering
I'm so bored, more pictures later ;)


Twilight Fever

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 § 1

Now, instead of real fever, I got Twilight fever. No no, not because I'm one of those people that has late love to Twilight, I was in love with the book since the translated book sold in Gramedia and I was so amazed by the book, but I thought that I haven't finish the last book so I don't want to buy another one, then it happens till now, yes, I haven't read Twilight book, just the beginning; for New Moon, too, but I reaaaaaaally want to read it, hm, buy me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :]

I wish I have a vampire-guy like that :] But I want Edward not Robert. I mean, Robert is a REAL guy, but somehow... I love Edward better than Rob and theyre just two different people, just like V and Hugo Weaving if I have a guy like Edward, I'll be, like, freak out; I'm not the one that plays it cool like Bella, I would be like screaming and shouting having a guy like Edward... but I think he'll freak out and leave me lol :p

I miss my gold air and my sparkle in the sky....... my hometown, my getaway vacation... I miss Bandung, all of the sudden I felt that I'll be... not more safe, not better, just... more peaceful; I'm imaging myself at an apartment, the rain falls but the sky is clear, not really that dark; and magazines, drama novels, acoustic songs, soap operas and dvds accompany me...
With cupcakes and hot chocolate with baby marshmallows...
I miss the gold air... but I miss my blue sky too..........

Um, I'm listening to Twilight soundtracks, God theyre good, and Rob's voice is incredibly cool and his voice reminds me of Tracy Chapman somehow, although I know that she is a she and he is a he but hm... idk...

Love, despite, CDs and handsome vampire,


Monday, December 8, 2008 § 0

I hate mylife lately,
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