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And For The Record, I Miss You

Friday, August 21, 2009 § 8

I miss spending times with those circus performers. Especially Lewis. Lewis doesn't go to the same school anymore. It's because those placement things. Here in Indonesia we need to be in either Social (Humanity) class or Science class. Pretty lame and retarded, needless to say. And Lewis couldn't be at the Science one, so he supposed to go to the Social one, he wants to be a doctor :3 how cool!
What I feel right now is pretty empty. Nothing fills in (should it be fills in or fill?) my mind. Only simple notes, songs and God. I couldn't say I don't feel anything, though. There are some things, but nothing biggie. School's also making me sick, so pretty much nothing.
My "I Love You More" version, taken from Aaudi's blog :
- I love you more than Nachyl loves her dogs
- I love you more than Betary loves to go out with her brother
- I love you more than Rara loves to be a model
- I love you more than Lewis loves his car
- I love you more than Dini loves red things
- I love you more than Karin loves Texas Hold 'Em Poker
- I love you more than Leantongue loves her music
- I love you more than Ifi loves her Pak Oji
- I love you more than Emir loves himself
- I love you more than Bibir loves soccer
- I love you more than DW loves his computer
- I love you more than Danu loves his comics
- I love you more than Mei loves her cellphone
- I love you more than Vini's french accent
- I love you more than Cece loves her brother
- I love you more than Linka loves her nap time
- I love you more than Diva loves her laptop
- I love you more than David loves his brown backpack
- I love you more than Rahman loves his chocolates
- I love you more than Centa loves baseball
- I love you more than Eleny loves to sing
- I love you more than Emil loves her lost glasses
- I love you more than Zara loves her blackberry
- I love you more than Nisna loves vampires
- I love you more than Fiya loves indie bands
- I love you more than Ninda loves to fight with her boyfriend
- I love you more than Wardha loves America

love you see you xxx

D for Dramas and Das Pop

Saturday, August 15, 2009 § 0

Life's problems can be as bitch as women in Hermes on sale. But oh boy nothing feels better than crying when you have problems. And I cried a lot lately. Problems can drive you mad!! And those damn things did make me mad, I cried a lot. No biggie, but I cried. Its been five days straight. And I'm in love with God cause God created music. If it wasn't because of music........ it would be dramatic! I like to give myself some times, to cry. I'm not a cry-person you see, so when I cry, I couldn't stop what I'm doing. And of course because I have tons of problems, that crying lately as a habit. And I feel sorry for my tear glands.

Anyways, since this post created in Bandung, I wanna talk about indie music. I really really like Das Pop, their lyrics are catchy but deep. Like "Saturday Night". It has deep meaning. Really fun music but has deep meaning is hard to find these days. Usually ppl tends to make good rhythms without having catchy-yet-meaningful lyrics, or the other way around. Das Pop makes good music but with good lyrics!

Kay, since its already night time, I wanna go to sleep.
Sincerely yours, D.

courtesy of search engine.

Nothing Bothers Me Except: "I Lost My Mojo"

Monday, August 10, 2009 § 0

Instead of studying, I'm surfing the web. Too lazy. No question ask. I'm not the kind of person that could study anytime she/he wants. I'm the other type. I'm one of the ones that study things according to the mood and the teacher, apparently. And its not good. Like right now, I don't have any mood, either the goods nor the bads. Just... plain. I don't have any energy. Like I lost my mojo. Ah... I hate this kind of feeling, the its-not-bad-but-its-not-good-either-nor-it-is-plain mood. I hate to being honest with you but chocolate doesn't work. And when chocolate doesn't work, nothing will. Except, if you bring Take That to my house, my mood will fly up sky high. Nothing of me is right lately. Too much or worst, very less.

off to bed. A lot of things happened but nothing makes me laugh lately. Its a harsh feeling, but who even care? About me. No one does. So... Anyhow, that picture above taken when I was at this gig: The Spotlight is On presented by Galaxy Defenders. Leantongue and Fiya's Band: Useless Kingdom was one of the band that held the gig. Pretty cool place, extremely expensive beverages, but too much smokes. Laughed hard, but didn't fulfilled the feeling of happy.
bye, xxxxx


Monday, August 3, 2009 § 0

Thanks to now I know what song that is on the end of Mike's BGT video. It turned out to be Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. I've already heard that song many times before, but forgot to search them on the web. And I dig them very much. I personally like Kjarri. He's a charmer. He's a multi-instrumental! He plays banjo, guitar, piano, flute, tin whistle and oboe. He has soothing voice that makes you feel like you are home.

Here is the interview about their latest album
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Kjarri is the one with beard. Jonsi is the singer that has right blind eye. Orri is their drummer. And Goggi is their bassist. I really really like it when they are on stage and wearing their costumes, those costumes are the ones that make them different from other band.

And because they always bring "troops" with them. Its what makes them... distinguishable and unique. Here's the one with
Bjork as their additional instrument player.

Kay, I guess that's all folks. Life is not much a story lately. But
I miss Anggi Lewis Resoputro Aruan.
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