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Dear Earth,

Thursday, November 27, 2008 § 0

Hello Earth, this is Sun, one of your neighborhood. I'm dying right now. I need all of your humans to help me survive. I may have a chance to live
Love your biggest source of light

I just watched Sunshine. Gosh the movie is pretty sad. One of the saddest sci-fi movie ever. I don't know why but I just think the movie was too sad. I just have no idea if the Sun dies. And if one of the scientist and the astronauts is my husband or son or grandson...
It's the greatest "We love Earth and Sun" movie. In additional there's Cillian Murphy (read: Kill-ian Murphy. Yes not Cill-ian) he's hotter than hot! I always like him since them movie Red Eye starring him and Rachel Mcadams (Mean Girls). Oh Gosh, he's already married and yes he's 30something and he got two sons! He came from Ireland. Yes. The Ireland. Gosh I love Ireland and England, and Scotland too. I always love European actresses, actors, artist, musicians. God! I LOVE YOU UK.

I don't know why I always love guy who wears jacket or cardigan but still manage to look cool and calm :3
I saw this movie on HBO earlier today, about the medicine or something. In UK, we don't have to pay for doctor, and instead of paying them, they pay for us, well in a hospital it is, I don't know about another hospital, but they said all of the hospital are free-pay. They only have to pay the medicine and they charged it only 6.65 pounds no matter how many you buy it, even 1,000! Gosh I love UK <3

Tomorrow is the end of the test. I'm oh-so glad about it. If you ask about biology it's no greater than good. I'm oh-so happy about tomorrow. Yes, after test we are going to the mall, me and my international classmates! I'm so waiting for it <3
I'm still a bit sad about the earth and Sun. Also about the fact that we're not going to rule the universe forever... and also the fact that when we go to Heaven (amin) we're going to live forever...
In earth term, forever means great, but in heaven... we have no place to go anymore, we'd already completed our task to go to Heaven. I do think that Heaven is cooler than cool and greater than great place. but... do we have another must-to-do tasks there? But, I want to go to Heaven so badly, more than anything. If you ask, well... heaven is the most wanted where-to-go in my list. Amin amin amin masuk surga.
Gtg, I'm tired and need some sleep :)

Dilla Fedriany is in a relationship with... [your guy's name]

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 § 0

Many of my friends using that sentence in their fb. I read most of my friend using that sentence in the box below the pic. I was like....... does a relationship a trend right now? If it is I should be someone's girlfriend! Lol, not really. I mean... Is it that amazing having a boyfriend and the world knows all about it? Me and betary quite agreed that it's not the latest trend.
gtg, I'm dying for learning biology, not really though, MERCI MONSIEUR ACEP


§ 0

For you, I'll make you the greatest song in the world <3

'Can't you see, my dearest? Everything that I do is what for you, everything I do just for only you?'
'What for you then?'
'For me is just your pure heart soul and that will be enough for the rest of our life'
'I'm requesting for your only love...,
may I have it?'
'I'm sorry monsieur...'
'Of course mademoiselle, I understand perfectly.'
(Smile) 'You're misunderstanding oh dear Van Woosen, I'm not engaged with anyone'
'In that case... shall we marry?
I love you more than this guitar
More than pages of music notes that I've found in this world
I believe, forever, I'll be yours...'
'Shall we? Oh time will tell'

Hot N' Cold

Sunday, November 23, 2008 § 0

Hey there! I just got home from my visit to Lintang's house wiff Nacil, Reja, Dini, Emir and Centa. We went got into her house like at 1230 and we were like busting into her howse like crazy. Nacil turned on the tivo so that she can watches indovision, I'm telling you guys, don't make fun on people, theywill make fun of you later... like somebody that they made fun, that somebody will make fun of you too.,
We ordered Mcds and we eat alot of it, well I think I was :) we learned Chemistry, Gosh I do not mean that I hate chemistry but I just don't understand chemistry. I know chemistry used for making things in our everyday lives but........ I don't understand how to use it lol

Eh Ma Gawd, I just hate famous wannabes. They look like famous but they act like wannabes! They used the "it" clothes but they acts like last year! I like people who got different personality better than famous wannabes. I dont consider myself as a famous person but... I just... Urgh :(

hate and love,

My "NEW Cam"

Saturday, November 22, 2008 § 0

Hello there pretty world :) yeah I am indeeeeedly done for my complaining. There's a good news, however. My Dad has the rare (not pretty rare I guess) Nikon F-801s! They say Nikon F-801s is a great manual camera. I have to understand how to use it. It's a cool one. I don't understand the instruction manual. But I have to understand it, I mean, I don't have any SLR and my Mum doesn't care about it, she doesn't even care about my passion for lomo! Enough bluberring, busy. Post some things later

Friday, November 21, 2008 § 0

She was no write
She was no poet
She was no guitar
Nor piano that singing aloud

She was not broken bone
She was not broken home
She was not broken one
Nor she was the diamond

She was the underground
She was the underside
She was the shadow
She was the grey

She never get any phone call
Nor she get text
Nor she get IM
Nor she get e-mail

She never beg to anyone
Not even to her own siblings
Nor her own best friends
Nor even her parent

She was not different from anyone
She was not same with anyone
She was not someone
She was not anyone

She dare to be different
She dare to be same
She dare to be both
She dare to be hurt

Who was she
What does she look likes
Was she cursed
Was she sad

She witness everything
She keep everything
She lock everything
She shuts everything

Is she worth it
She dare to asked
Does not she enough
She kept asking

She said
I was I could
Be as cool
As them

Don't even think who see is. She was nobody. Not the rich. Nor the famous.

Dared to be free

Late wake up

Saturday, November 15, 2008 § 0

Hello there, Yeti! I'm shocked! I woke up at........... Ill let you guess! Non 6. Nor 10. Well I woke up at 1 pm. I know its VERY LATE. What can I say? Since friday last week, I stayed up late until like about 1 pm, then yesterday I stayed up until 4 am. Very extremely, huh? Oui. I heard adzan.
Enough about my extremely late sleep, lets talk about where i am right now.
Where I am is I'm at my dads car, sitting, a bit sleepy. Who with me is Betary, Nadhif& hisnurse and my Dad. Where are we going is Pim. What happening is rain starts to fall (Gosh, I love to see rain when using Jeep, all seems very.... small, yet fragile, but sad and... calmy; I just love it). What am I doing is trying to stay awake, I'm awfully sleepy.

I saw this couple. I think they drove motorcycle instead of car. It was raining and it still is. They were stood under the telephone booth to protect themself. The guy was in front of the girl, he was crossing his hand in front of the booth. I can imagine what he said to her.........
Her: Oh my God. Its heavy rain, love
Him: Lets safe ourself under the telephone booth!
Her: The raindrops still can touching me (puppy face)
Him: Okay, let me stand in the front, I'll protect you!
Her: oh, thank you my dear.

It was so romantic, but imagine the telephone booth was red. The guy had brunette hair with green eyes and the girl had brunette hair, too with hazelnut color eyes. Replace the usual motorbike wiff harley davidson. And you get...... romantic 50's UK movie
or Germany

Oh Gosh. Its raining and Im listening to Love of My Life. Estatic? Incredibly charming!

Dooodles and Freddy Mccury(bener gasih?)

Nacil's Birpbday Party

Friday, November 14, 2008 § 0

Today is one of our lovely and my closest friend's party and she threw her party out in Pacific Place. Today was a TOTAL BLAST!
  1. We were shoo-ed by our school be-cause the school was floating and the water is getting higher and higher so they told us to go home. But I didn't. I went to Nacil's home instead. Why? Because my driver was stuck in Kemang wiff my brother and he got to pick him up at 12 o'clock. I went to Nacil's wiff herself, Lintang, Dini, Karin and Riri. We were talking-talking and talking so much about each other and Nacil's friends. It was toh-tally fun. Then we went to Quickly first. We thought that we wanted to pick Ifi first but she said that "its alright I go to yer house wiff Audi" and we were presto to Nacil's house.
  2. There was something interesting though! I just got the news that GAWE is FATHIA'S boyfriend. SHOCK HUH? that was one news! Gawe, fathia and I were classmates back when we was at 8 grade. I thought that Gawe was already in love wiff someone else, so does Fathia. Fathia wasn't one of us that looked like she was in love wiff someone. But she did. EhmaGawd that's so extreme neeeews. Gosh!
  3. We only got 4 hours of learning time. Only Andrew, oui THE HOT NICHOLAS CAGE-LOOKALIKE native speaker and Mr. Acil. Although Mr.Acil teaches physics but it was cool you know, we were doing the project and we got up in front. It was very cwwwol :------)
  4. I saw SEBASTIEN TELLIER'S CD. Oh moi Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd. THE SEXUAL SPORTWEAR.ADUH GUE MAU BANGET. Eh magawd I really want it so bad. IMEAN.... SEBASTIEN TELLIER! GOSH! HE'S FROM FRANCE :''''''''''''''(
Eh Magawd it was coool day Oh God I really want to BUY IT SO MUCH SO BAD :'''''''''(

We watched Quantum of Solance, not a really great movie I guess
Okay, there was no other small pic that I can upload in here, so sorry if the pic are really so freakishly big :-)
I prefer the first one, I mean the first James Bond movie that starring Daniel Craig, the Casino Royale one. It was much more awesome than this one. This movie was pointless. I do like the action sequences and the fighting sequences, but... it was nothing than Casino Royale. Casino Royale was.... much more......... exciting. Hm... IT DOESNT MEAN THAT IT WAS THE WORST MOVIE EVER. It's just that....... hm, not as good as other 007 movies.

Lov, lux, lax and ankle boots AND NEW SEBASTIEN TELLIER CD

Happy Fahreakin Burbday Nacil Vengeance

Thursday, November 13, 2008 § 1

Just like what ive been told you yesterday, today is one of moi cehlostes fwend's burpday. Shes fourteen today, oui, she was born in 94, just like moi. Her name is Nadia Hanani Wicaksono Vengeance. Lol shes in lure wiff him.
If youre asking where I am right now, I'm in my school. I'm watching animal camera. Oui. So freaking kowl. I WANT OWL :] and white tiger and black cat and hamster and big black dragon and hufflepuff (sorry hp lovers idk how to write the name :]) and 3 blue, yellow, white teeny tiny tweety-like bird and flamingo and yellow colored toxic frog.
I know its too much but well, animal sometimes can be very kowl. And yes its not my birpday its my fwend's birpday.
Many good things happened so far, well to me its not really.
Eh ma Gawd imsotired iwant to sleep.

Lure and ankle boots


Wednesday, November 12, 2008 § 0

I hate studying. I know I know I've already said it like gazillion times before, but really I never get tired of being bored at studying. Or maybe because I'm veeeery sleepy right now so I don't learn well. Hm, Idk. I just like so tired and my head is very full and I'm like so stuck. what is studying anyway? Studying is exploring right? Studying is learning. Studying is getting to know things. And trust me, it ain't easy. How do people outside Indonesia can live this way? Because they have the place for research,like libraries or things, WE ARE VERY LACK OF IT. We dont have nice research place, study place, I know you might think that I'm very, um, not naive, munafik... um yeah I think so, I still think that we should have a good study place. We do have national Library, but does it covers everything that we search?
I don't think so. Indonesian people are smarts, but are they have many knowledge or are they good researcher? I don't have many knowledge nor am I a good researcher. I'm very poor at both. But pray for me to get better, amin.

Tomorrow is Nacil's 14th birthday. Oui, she's 13 years old right now. Nacil is the acronym of Nadia Cilik, or Kecil? I don't know. I don't think she is that petite. She's still 13 years old! When I was 13 I wasn't this big. Well, I was fat but I wasn't tall. And you know.... being petite isn't that bad at all. From all I know, guys love petite or small woman, guys love to protect someone who more petite than they are. And girls like meself,,, well guys sometimes prefer petite woman than big girl like me, well, God bless people like me :') you do understand what am I saying do you? Oui, good =)

Things that happened today was:
  1. We watched Stardust together at my class. It was so cool! We sneaked on p.e. time so we can watch the movie, lol. That was one guilty pleasure isn't it?
  2. Then we watched "Sins" about guilty pleasures and things but still related to the scientific things (we watched it when Mr. Acep's hour)
  3. Everybody is perfect. I don't have anything to say about this but it's the fact, so... oh yeah I got something to say, not perfect in every way but perfect is someway, because you know there's no such thing as perfect person. if youre too perfect sometimes we get boring too aren't us?
  4. I adooooore ankle boots, me and nacil are planning to buy them at sat, but I just tohtally confuse about the schedule! Betary asked me to company her to this music band thing, but Inter A asked me to go to the Tarki's pensi, but Nacil asked me to go to ankle boots hunting. Where should I go? I already promised to betary to go wiff her. Um, Idk
Nothing else from moi, I'm tired and want to sleep and I'm tired and I want to sleep and I'm tired and I want to sleep and I'm tired and... urgh, it never ends isn't it?

Luxurious, Ankle boots and cherry
Lala <3

PS: call me Lala from now on. I prefer that way, Dilla is too boring, Dilute is way too common, hm, Lala is better =) Guess what when I write this, the song changed into La La La by The Bird and The Bee. Isn't that my everyday thing?
PPS: pray for me for Take That's Extravaganza, I really want to win

Late Night Calls

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 § 0

Still remember about it? Late night calls? Late night texts. Late night ims. I know it's so long ago, but.... idk.
Um, its 12 am now, I can't get meself into bed. Maybe five min from now. Ok. Um, I just changed my blog. Does it look nice on you? I think so :---) now I know how to change the layout ;)

Um, thats all folks, just intermezzo. Oh oh I also changed my friendster :--)

Fall outers and pink shades <3>

Little lotus

Sunday, November 9, 2008 § 0

Hello there, waterland! How are you? I'm fine just a bit tired. And lazy. Yeah, last night I went to bed at like 12.15 am and my head was spinning. Non, I wasn't drunk. I was too tired. I went home at about 10 and my mother was talking with her brother, who's my uncle, and with his wife. They were laughing. Then my mother said "Teh itu ajak Luna maen", Luna is my little cousin, she's only 3 years old. Here's the picture of her

This pic taken like about I don't know so long ago maybe. She's cute. She's incredibly white, pink-white. She loooooves dress, she said she would look like barbie if she wearing a dress. Well she is. She likes to play with her doll, something that I don't really like, you know barbie can be scary for me, or any doll and human-like doll, I prefer stuffed animal, because it's cheaper and verrry hugable and cozy :-----)

Okay.... I'm a bit blank. I'm blogwalking right now. I saw maaaany beautiful blog. Their words are some work of art. Their pictures are hell of a story. Can I be just like them? Can I be as pretty as they are? Can I be as cool as they are? I don't know. Maybe time will tell eventually. But does it tell that I will... as everything as they are? Will it?
Ahh... world. I'm still clinging for my own life. I'm bored. I want to end this life. Sometimes, though. Sometimes I even ask Why oh why God... why do I have to live? But then I remember, I should have thank to God for the opportunity to be alive, to have a great parents, nice house, cool brother. But... we human has the feeling that they cant have enough for everything.
I'm sick of my life lately. I'm sick of everything inside of me. Everybody is lying. Everybody is laughing at me. And nobody cares. Nobody would treat me like a princess. Nobody would treat me like a diamond. Nobody would love me. Well yeah God love me soooo mucho but, I'm talking about human here. I don't even think that God love me that much. And I don't think nobody would special me. I'm nobody's special person. They treat me differently.
Especially for my mum. They lure my mum. My mum is like one of the most special and unique people among thousands millions of people. My mum is someone special. For everyone. Everybody loves my mum. They love them more than they love me... I know. I know. I should be grateful for having such a cool mum like that. But........ it's different if you were me. You will be treated differently. My family loves her more than they love me. They love me because they love my mother. No, it's not sad. It's... fine. I'm fine. I always treated differently since I was a kid. So it's awkay really. I don't begging you for helping me. I'm teenage. I do handle myself. I'll be calling you if I need any help.

If you had ever, even just a little feeling that you hate, uh not hate just jealous at yer mum. You know how I feel. I don't hate her. I'm just jealous. But who am I compare to her? She's a great woman. Everyone loves her. She always be the centre of the attention. It's not that I want to be like her. It's just... I wanted her to feel if she's me. Being the shadow. Being the nobody. I don't need a year, or even a day. I just need a moment. So she can feel how I feel being the nobody, being the forgotten, being the "who is she?", being her daughter. For she being the not centre of the attention. Just a moment. Or maybe even just a single hour where our family get together. I don't wish for it to be happen. I just wondered.
She once the forgotten. Now it's my turn. Maybe this thing will last forever. Maybe this thing will last until I die. I don't know. I don't wish I would be like her, nor she would be like me. Nor I would wish I could turned into 18. I just wish that I would be fine. I could live the normal life like my friends. They never ever compared wif their mum.
Enough complaining.
Hey, I want these:
  1. Take That's New Album: The Circus. Their new song is Greatest Day. Gary sang most of the song but that's okay, Mark look such a hottie on the video. You Tube click it's their new video.
  2. Take That's Concert in UK. Next year theyre going to have concerts in Europe! I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM. Please pray for me that I'll go to UK or they go to Spore so I can watch them <3<3<3
  3. Europe Tour. UK, Switzerland, GERMANY, Italy, France ah, Europe...
  4. Macau, Yes, Ive been to HKG and China but never been to Macau, a pity isn't it?
  5. Watching Circus. Yes, Take That's newest album makes me want to watch them. It must be nice watch Circus. Theyve been here once, 4 years ago so I really want to see them ;--)
Blah. Enough for today. I want to eat moi sushi <3<3<3

Endless love,

Saturday, November 8, 2008 § 0

Hello mate how are you?
I know the last post was tohtally different from the picture that I upload, hm, no reason, just random thing. I didn't have much thing to do, so I browse up things, including cupcake and things so yeah...
Um, tonight is Sat night, I don't have any plans to go out hanging wif my fwends in PIM or Kemang but, I'm going to my friend's birthday party, her name is Novi, she's 15 on November 5th but her party is today, woof woof I'm waiting for it. She's one of the most mi closest friends at middle school, it's cool to see her wif my other middle school friends; well, she also invite her fwends that mostly I don't know, but it's cool you know.... see yer fwends since five months is a blessing.

Oh oh one other thing! I really am sad today that I can't compete to win Mtv Money Can't Buy, because I'm only 14, the requirement is I have to be 18, so.... yeah, I CAN'T COMPETE. What makes me sad is, it will be one of the coolest thing that ever happened to me. Oh deeeeeeeeear. Help? Can I be 18 for just three days? Then I'll be 14 again, I promise I wont be bad.
a. My native teacher is not Mark anymore. Oui. The Mark. MARK DREWS. The one that from Manchester. Si. The one from England, UK. The one that speaks with Manchester accent :''''''( he's gone now. Because of my seniors. They said they hate him. He looks like Vampire. Vampire? He's nice. Well, he's british if you notice. Some of the British are not good-looking. It's sad you know... he's nice.
But the good-hell-to-the-yes news is the replacement is Andrew. He came form Canada (yeaaay Canada!) he's VERY NICE, VERY ATTRACTIVE, VERY FUNNY, VERY HYPERACTIVE. He's handsome, kinda look like Nicholas Cage but younger. He's only 31! He's the husband of Celine, yes, the nice Celine. They've been married for 5 years. When he said that he's her husband we screamed "Aaaaaaaaaw" and he was acting like a child, lol, hes one cute Canadian guy. AND HE SPEAKS FRENCH SO NICELY. Eh ma Gawd. Also he traveled all over the world; he's nice <3
b. Take That is going to release their new album called The Circus. I just can't wait to buy it. And yes. The Mtv Money Can't Buy is for the Take That Extravaganza. I can be THEIR producer for one day in FRANCE. I can meet THEM and I can talk with them for one day. I REALLY WANT IT SO BAD. But just like I said. I'm still 14. Oh Dear
c. I don't have any senors right now. Um, I don't know, just like Eleny said yesterday "Kenapa ya kalo sma kita ngeliat cowo ganteng tuh biasa aja waktu smp aja cowo ganteng tuh kayanya diagungagungin, tapi sekarang tuh biasa aja, kenapa ya?" Well, I don't have the answer for that but, she's right. I don't have feelings for hot guy anymore. They are gone now. Although they are soooooo freaking hot and ih-resistable but I still don't like them, just adore.
Aaaaand so much things that I want to write. But I have to get ready now. Finding the right outfits taking ages for me, so... ttyl

Perfume and High Heels
Dilute sugar solution
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