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As Free As A Lion in A Cage

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 § 0

How are you? I'm good. I'm back from the trip. The "winter" trip. The whole trip was amazing and more like scavenger hunt, because my Mum and I hunted cute stuff, some of them I managed to find, but there are a few (like Wode) that I didn't buy, it was pity, but hey I did buy some very-me-like things. However, there was no snow (obviously) but for a girl who lives most of her life in sunny, tropical place like me, the weather was cold although it wasn't as cold as I thought it would. It was between 18-21 degree Celcius and it was windy.

I wasn't complaining or anything. It was exciting you see, because I've never been to a place that has cold weather season, although I've been in Lembang before and the weather condition was not much different, but it was exciting! To wear boots, to wear coats, to wear jackets and to wear scarf. It was just such an amazing trip. I'm looking forward to be in colder place.

New year's resolutions? I don't have any. Well, maybe to be a better person than I used to be. And pray more. And sleep more. Be better person, basically. This year had been a crazy one, but very quick year I must say. One day I actually screamed at my laptop because the Star Trek trailer and now I own the DVD. One day I watched Star Trek with my fellow international student friends, including Lewis, and now he's not my international student friend anymore (he moved. I've mentioned about it in a post, forgot which). One day I'm still in the same class with Leantongue, Dini, Nacil and Karin; but now we are not. Its just... weird to have time goes by you in a blink.

I still remember waking up in Tika's hotel room after the night before's count down. Her parents were brewing coffee or tea I forgot. And Nanda was up, too. The hotel room was so cold, but I had a great time the night before. We watched Maliq, ate McDonalds, laughed a bit, watched some movie, told some stories, shared some secrets. It was... fun. We did some catching up, too. Because we were in seperate high schools.

I think I'm going to spend my new year's eve with my friends too, but I guess this time will be with my school friends, rather than my junior high school friends. With my international class friends. Its going to be a blast, hopefully. Its 2 pm now, I should go to sleep. I have to go to school today to finish a project (yes, my school sucks. its holiday and I should make the project, what kind of holiday is that?) with my friends and after that I want to catch a movie with some friends.

gnight and have a great holiday and new year's eve! infinite x's and o's, NS. The picture is from

Travel Bag and Empy Space

Monday, December 21, 2009 § 0

My hand becomes shaky like yours. And also become sore, like yours. It hurts. Now I know the pain you have to carry. Mentally and physically. Everyday. But I notice that you keep on smiling no matter what. How are you, by the way? Haven't seen you since... last week. I hope you're okay.

I miss the sea lately, I miss diving, I miss listening to nothing. I miss the silence. I miss the feeling when the water brushes my hair, the feeling's different when you're above the sea and when you're below. I miss the ocean and beach basically.

I'm going to be away for 5 days to Hong Kong. Its going to be a trip, my Mum promised, but I think she's going to hunt clothes and apparels, too. I've already take notes about places that I want to go to, like HMV and Harvey Nichols, and Kniq, although I don't know how to reach Kniq. I guess I'm going to hunt boots and rings there. Needless to say, I can't wait for the trip.
As for my report card, it isn't very great or amazing or whatsoever, because my marks are average, not beyond average, but just average. I'm not really thrilled, just grateful. My marks are falling, though.
I have nothing to say anymore except have a great holiday :)
picture from my tumblr, but I forgot the source. So you could tell me if it is yours.


Friday, December 18, 2009 § 0

Went to Nacil's dinner party last saturday. I wore my gaga bodycon dress. It was amazingly cheap, only about 18ok rupiah, I found out online dresses like those will cost you more than 300k-- the owner of the store was nice, too (and had pretty legs and tall). And also I wore my current favorite bangles and my Mum's open-toe high heels. My friends hated me because I'm taller than usual.

with the girl who held the party!
It was held at Barcode Kemang. The place was at the centre of Jakarta, in Kemang actually. I don't really like the place, though I don't know why. But, I love the live music and the food, so its a place to chill, not to do some perfect romantic dinner-- more like a place to go out with your friends and have good time. Umm, whatelse? Oh oh I met Inez there! Yep, she was selling her school's music event that will be held tomorrow! I think I'm going to watch it before going to Atina's Cosmo Girl of the Year thing.

So by the way, there was Hellofest at the same day as Nacil's dinner party. I didn't go to there, but Fakhri did, he told me that it was awesome, but not great. He didn't buy anything though, if I was him I would totally buy the shirts that they were selling, must be graphically good and artistic! I need good shirts.
my current desktop. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HIM?

Dancing Weirdos

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 § 0

I have bad dreams lately. Really bad dreams. Not the one where somethings chase you, or the creepy slimy one--but more like scary dreams. I have not yet found any dreamcatcher in Indonesia. I really need one. I would like to have one. I think I'm gonna order it from ebay, what do you think? Should I need one?
I'm currently drooling over:

  1. James Stewart, Alexis Georgoulis, Russel Wong, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and of course Alexander Skarsgard
  2. tights, black, white, grey, tank tops, boots, red doc martens, my diy crop flower top
  3. dreamcatcher, well obviously
  4. My Life In Ruins, Star Trek. (seriously, My Life In Ruins couldn't get out of my head)
  5. and
  6. WINTER VACATION! My family planning to go to Hong Kong next week for five days, how cool is that? And I still have my Singapore Dollars to convert to be Hong Kong Dollars! And its winter! I'm going to buy boots there! Yeay!
  7. Stephen Fry: The Liar
  8. Accoustic songs, especially City and Colour's songs
  9. Cool rings like this and this and this from studdedhearts blog (that have been repost to tumblr, with credits of course, and reblogged to my tumblr)
  10. WODE by BOUDICCA perfume! omg omg omg I WANT THIS SO BADLY SERIOUSLY.

that's James and Gloria Stewart. James Stewart is the guy whom I drooling for lately. He acted in tons of great movies, one of them which I like is The Shop Around The Corner, its the remake of the 20's movie (forgot) and the basic story of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' movie You've Got Mail. He's very charming, quiet and tall. Gloria is his wife, his only wife. He never had any wife before her and when she passed away he didn't go and marry another woman, he stayed alone until the day he passed away. Their marriage is the kind of marriage that I want.

Well, signing off, its 3:38 now. PS: nacil's birthday party pictures tomorrow :)

Goodbye Grissom

Sunday, December 13, 2009 § 0

It had been an enlightening shower this afternoon. It was because I finally realized what I'm going to be and what major should I take. I'm going to take Information Engineering and Media (NTU) hopefully or IT (ITB). Why I choose those subjects? Because I think I'm in love with Media and something that has to do with technology. Obviously I like standing in front of my laptop for hours and hours. So, why not go to those subjects? And in five or eight years from now, hopefully, the world would turn into better place that use technology to improves our lives.

went to Shoe Workshop yesterday. It was fun. But a bit tiring. I learned how to paint shoes (obviously) and I painted one! It was grey, but with it has pink diamonds. Its not really cute or something that you can wear with formal clothes, but its something that you can wear everyday. I really am proud of it.

I want that so badly. Its Ralph Steadman's hand bag. He's an awesome painter. He's just... wonderful. I love his paintings. I love his drawings.

Oh, I didn't went to Brightspot. Instead I went to Nacil's birthday bash. Told about it later, with pictures. So, gotta study now. Adios
(click this to go to his "fancy goods" web)

I Guess I'll Call It a Life

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 § 0

I cut my hair impulsively. Well, not really. But it wasn't a month-thinking, it was more like "Okay my hair is long and doesn't have style, I should cut my hair. Oh and also I need bangs". But it turned out to be good. At first I was mad because I cut my hair to short but when I asked my friends, they seemed to not recognized that I've cut my hair at all.
I'm sick. Mentally and physically. Well, I'm tired mentally and sick physically. I've been drinking pills. I'm so tired right now. Tired mentally and physically. I want to be fine. I want to be healthy. I want to be... free.
Saturday is Nacil's dinner party, which I'm gonna attend. I've bought a special dress to attend her birthday dinner. Its not all pretty and all formal, just a good black dress. With shoulder-padded beads-covered. It's a bit mature way, but its a good and pretty darn cheap dress. But I miss shopping time with Mum. Haven't got anytime for daughter-mum shopping time. I think I'm gonna do it in Brightspot Market.

So anyway, since there's no other thing that I could talk about, signing off. x

found the picture at this link

Morning, Chicago

Saturday, December 5, 2009 § 0

Its been awhile. But don't think that I abandon this web by purpose. I'm just busy and writing while uploading photos just take too much time, so usually I only signed in tumblr.
I just got back from Singapore. I went to an edu trip there, visited numerous of great top 200 universities in the world, NUS, NTU, SIM, SMU and Lasalle. I didn't visit Lasalle, though, because I took the Science tour, the one who took Social tour went to Lasalle. I did see the building of Lasalle, it was beautiful, work of art.
Some of the pics:

I made great photos. I love those times, although I was sick. I felt like I wanted to vomit, but I didn't. And my stomach ached. I'm fine now.
So... nothing else to say. Although I miss those time. So... see you
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