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How Do You Say "Thank You?"

Thursday, April 30, 2009 § 0

-He was a very talented writer, songwriter, and sketch artist. Often wrote songs while he was driving to work.
-Rufus Wainwright's song "Matinee Idol" is about him.
-Was fluent in Spanish.

Can I have him for my birthday instead?
He's too kewl. I woof him. He's like Heath Ledger in his own decade. He made friends with the coolest people in the world, like Keanu Reeves, Harrison Ford and Michael Stipe (REM singer). People made songs attributed to him. He was howt. Awesome. I love him. <3<3

you were perfect today, julybug. I love you <3

and oh hear this from Ryan Reynolds's page in He was traveling in Indonesia with his former fiancée, Alanis Morissette, when the tsunami struck. They were uninjured since they were staying on the opposite end of the island from where the tsunami hit.
How "ehmagawd" is that?

What We Got Is All Good!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 § 0

3. Ceria
Golongan ini merupakan golongan yang idealistik.
Mereka sangat kreatif, sosial, mesra, romantik dan mudah dibawa berunding.
Mereka suka memulakan sesuatu tetapi jarang dapat menghabiskannya.
Mereka suka orang lain gembira dan sanggup melakukan apa sahaja untuk mencapainya. Mereka sangat popular dan idealistik.
Golongan ini perlu belajar untuk melihat sesuatu dengan lebih realistik.

Mine's same as his. How cute is that? Haven't online chat with him today. I guess I won't. He sill has not online yet, where is he, how would I know. And, oh, I talked to him today, it was cute. My friends all make fun of me, saying all those lovey dovey song. Shit IGCSE is on the way.

and oh, Santana is coming here to Indonesia, unfortunately it's either on May or June, yes that IGCSE test. Should I go?

My body is screaming "please go to bed"
My eyes couldn't do that
Because I haven't laughed
With him today right?


Okay PS: I will write my title with my favourite quotes or maybe just something that caught up in my mind. And oh don't you like I Caught Myself by Paramore, I'm not late, I just remembered to write about it.


Monday, April 27, 2009 § 0

I adore Agnes Finch

source : here

Thursday, April 23, 2009 § 0

To be close to you is the perfect gift.
To be near you and hear your voice is a bliss.
I can't hope anything
But to watch you sing
In front of my eyes
"Today this could be the greatest day of our lives"

xoxo I love you forever for sure, Mark.
photos are taken from Flickr. and edited and poladroided by me
And oh, you, can't you tell I got online just to chat with you?

If You Can't Read My Head, It's Fine By Me

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 § 1

I wanna grow old with you. You're perfect. Perfect. Just perfect.
Would you? xxx

PS: I total adore this girl: Kiersten Holine, her youtube cover: Sea of Love and her own song: I Have Waited. Cause I have seen and I have felt / A thousand ways to break my stance / Another love left to die

I Actually

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 § 0

Isn't it obvious?


Saturday, April 18, 2009 § 0

I would trade something just to see them live. In Person. Chit-chat. Talk. Snap some pictures. Really. Actually. Literally. I really would.
Oh my Gosh, TAKE THAT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I really want to see them live!
Call me different, I don't care. I really don't.
I really want to see them! Can somebody help me? Can I go to England? To see them?

I like you. I really do. You're the only person that I'd run to. I MISS YOU. I didn't have a chance to see you yesterday, did I?


Thursday, April 16, 2009 § 1

Subhanallah. We really are nothing. How could people be just... plain selfish? And... egoist? And being just... plain EGOIST. And narcistic.
We think we were the one who rule the whole universe; the truth is no. We aren't. We don't. We can't. How could people think they were the one. They were it.
I had those sudden rush feeling, yeah adrenaline rush thing. I respect Allah.

Anyways, tooth fairies and frog-princes, this is my busy week. I went for some extra classes yesterday. And today I helped MESIS2011. And tomorrow I'm going to this opening party for Festival Film Prancis. Oh oh no no. So much to do, so little time. OOPS! I haven't do my physics things.
But well, why do we have to learn things when in the end we live happily never after on Heaven?

I'm sorry if I'm not model. And I'm sorry if I'm not the one for you. I really am sorry, people. I'm no model.

Blazzing Buzzing

Monday, April 13, 2009 § 0

I am watching this, this, this, this, this, this, this. Well I watched almost all the series of A bit of Fry and Laurie. nice nice series of tv.

Of all the smallest things in the world, it is you that I loved
Of all the biggest things in the world, it is you that I longed for
Of all the beauty things in the world, it is you that I grateful for

I was dancing under the raindrops with the song of those lullabies.
I drew "imaginary friends": Poker Face, The Sad Side of Joker and The Lady of Misfortunes.
I know, I sounded a bit... unlogical and a bit... childish and immature. But well, this is moi. I write things the way I want. So do to when I draw. Oh and I drew it on this important Physics paper. I'll snap it for you.

bye. it's 9 pm now

Sunset of The East Side

Sunday, April 12, 2009 § 0

Pop is going home today. Finally after 4 days. They went for "honeymoon", my mother and my father, but Mom loves the place so she decided to stay for one more day. Dad goes home earlier because he has some stuffs to do tomorrow,
So, I have decided what I want for my birthday. A DSLR. But I don't know what type that I want to buy. I fancy the common Nikon D40. I have the Nikon F 801-S, but it's old and manual. I don't really understand how to use it. I always use my fancy Y-E-S (fisheye). I love using Manual Cameras but it's hard to find a place to print films of the rolls in Indonesia, should I go to Singapore or Aussie, then? Pleeeeeasseee buy me some gifts! Anything! I don't receive any gift this year, count God's gifts out. Talking about lonely...
I finally finished Il Mare today <3
Lovely sound, lovely picture. I love it how the directorIt's a recommended movie from moi! Oh yeah, The Lake House movie (hottie Keanu Reeves & lovely Sandra Bullock) based on it :]
Here are a couple of pics from Il Mare:
Google them & youtube them!!!

Oh I also watched Look Who's Talking and Look Who's Talking Too and Stuart Little. and I'm watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Jumper. I've been a movie freak since this Thursday & I didn't go out much these past three days. Masuk Delapan enggak punya liburan. hmmmn that's right, no?
No, I do have holidays, but not the real ones. And because IGCSE is coming up, I have decided to take the weekend to be a lazy holiday. I woke up at 9 or something and sleep very late. I ate chocolates, ice creams and everything. I watched movies. Tons of movies! Why do I choose to make these three days as the lazy days? Because one and half hour from now, I'm going to be tortured by school, no more movies or anything, IGCSE is like the key for me to go to UK for studying of course.


Won't You Open Up Your Eyes?

Saturday, April 11, 2009 § 0

Sweeet cherry pie! I love The Beatles! And woohoo for people who watched them! Envy envy.
I fell in loveeeeee with Rufus Wainwright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009 § 0

I want to apply internship.
At some magazine.
Really. I do. But not now. Maybe on June or July.
I actually reading a lots of novel that has something to do about internships. The novels are educational, actually. & I read this book and I found myself enjoying them. Enjoying marine biology and all those watery thing. But, I prefer going above the sea than under it. I prefer go to somewhere beautiful as well. Like France or even... I don't know, I've always have this dream to live in either London or well... Greece? Greece sounds perfect. London... well... not those city for, like, visiting; you see... I've always in love with loud and busy things, but vacation needs some lonely and silence, so...

Anyway, I'm into old photos lately. And... well... a guy actually.
I don't know if you are a real crush or just a phase after my past. Or maybe because you made a "move" or maybe it is what I feel.
Boredom attacked, I played DVDs& watch cinema: Fast & Furious (Cin), Rocknrolla (Dvd), The Edge of Love (Dvd), Ghost Town(Dvd), Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix (HBO), Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (HBO), Cars (Disney), Second Sight (HBO), Superstar (HBO).
Not that long list. hmmmmn,
Arrivederci, Au Revoir.
Dont you just hate it? Oh not the Italian and France goodbye. but... nevermind.

For Saying

Thursday, April 9, 2009 § 0

"you will notice that one of you personalities is seduced by the illusion of the grandeur"
"an attractive implication toward glamour and wealth"
"Oh beauty is a beguiling call to death and I'm addicted to the sweet pitch of its siren"
"That that starts the sweet ends bitter"
"And that which starts bitter ends sweet"

That, people, are nice quotes from RocknRolla quite a movie that if you're boring you can watch them, not very serious but not that simple, you need a brain, but not that much. And it was played by Gerard Butler and Jeremy Pivens! And also Mark Strong and Thandie Newton! Awesome awesome awesome movie! Yes, it was in UK. Why does all the movie that I have watched today, is based on UK or England? MAKES MOI WANT TO GO TO UK! hmmmmmmmmmn,
Okay I have crushes, yes. Not one but three. Well I guess I just fancy the other two. I really like this guy. That guitarist guy that I have told you in my previous post. he's awesome\\


What if The Mightiest Word is Love?

§ 0

"You've got a raindrops running down your cheek. Just like a tear"
"No harm will ever come to you,"
"Not from me, not from anyone else. Not while I'm here"
"No word of mine will ever hurt you"
"You'll come back to me, you know you will."
"Tell me you love me"
"Comeback alive and I'll say it"
"William makes me real"

You have to watch the movie. The Edge of Love I mean. At first I bought the dvd because I found Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are adorable actresses, but then I found out that there was CILLIAN MURPHY on the movie. And also, Cillian and Keira sang on that movie. It was set on 1940. hmmmmn/// perfect idealism of realistic and intimate love.

Today I have decided not to go outside. It is a long holiday, but let's just call it a gap before the hectic comes out next week. hmmmmn...\\ why does the people in UK enchanted me? not just them actress, but the people in it and their cultures, not that Indonesia's cultures bad, Indonesia's cultures are great, awesome, amazing (even some countries copied our cultures), but it is awesome to learn other people countries' cultures. I guess Anthropologist does suit me, but I don't like it as a job, as hobby maybe.\\
Enough blabbering, oh yeah my Mum and Pop and his few friends and her few friends went to HK today!! It doesnt make me angry or mad, just... asking "don't you guys tired of working?" WHY DON'T THEY GET TIRED? wow.
Cillian Murphy is killing me. Can't you guys please find me a cure? Another hot guy maybe? hmmmmmmmmn CILLIAN IS KILLIN' ME! Hawt hawt hottie
and dearly dear. what do you want.?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 § 2


§ 0

Normally I eat lunch at this time, because I am already full, my stomach doesn't need more food and well, I ate everything lately and well... emmn nothing actually I don't care about anything really.
Aku ingin meloncat tinggi membelah awan
Aku ingin meredupkan matahari dan jadikan bulan sebagai pengganti
Aku ingin menyuarakan beribu kata sayang diantara ratusan benci yang melesat. Padam
Andai kamu sadar
Aku disini.....
Melebur. Diantara jutaan yang tak dapat dibedakan
-Ratna Gayatri Soedjangi

Real nice poem, right? Made by none other but my sister Ka Gatri.
I feel that I am, well, blending with those millions of people, you can't tell any difference about me and others, but if you understand, I am right here. Different but blending. Oh well.

-I'm asking you this. Is it so important the status thing? The one that you put on the web? Not the one that reality. And all those things that, well actually, not really important. Just... unimportant. I mean? Why do the human race race to be the one that so famous, sometimes it is great but not enjoyable. I just... never like being the one that fah-mous, I'm mingle blending with all the people in the world, I do like being outstanding, but not being famous.
Outstanding is different from famous. Famous is like people know you, but outstanding is that you're being diffeent from anyone. So I prefer outstanding more.

It is such and hectic. Life I mean. Hectic. Indescribable. Friggin awesome actually. GTG physics 101!
D, oh I am writing at my class' computer

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