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Sunday, April 12, 2009 § 0

Pop is going home today. Finally after 4 days. They went for "honeymoon", my mother and my father, but Mom loves the place so she decided to stay for one more day. Dad goes home earlier because he has some stuffs to do tomorrow,
So, I have decided what I want for my birthday. A DSLR. But I don't know what type that I want to buy. I fancy the common Nikon D40. I have the Nikon F 801-S, but it's old and manual. I don't really understand how to use it. I always use my fancy Y-E-S (fisheye). I love using Manual Cameras but it's hard to find a place to print films of the rolls in Indonesia, should I go to Singapore or Aussie, then? Pleeeeeasseee buy me some gifts! Anything! I don't receive any gift this year, count God's gifts out. Talking about lonely...
I finally finished Il Mare today <3
Lovely sound, lovely picture. I love it how the directorIt's a recommended movie from moi! Oh yeah, The Lake House movie (hottie Keanu Reeves & lovely Sandra Bullock) based on it :]
Here are a couple of pics from Il Mare:
Google them & youtube them!!!

Oh I also watched Look Who's Talking and Look Who's Talking Too and Stuart Little. and I'm watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Jumper. I've been a movie freak since this Thursday & I didn't go out much these past three days. Masuk Delapan enggak punya liburan. hmmmn that's right, no?
No, I do have holidays, but not the real ones. And because IGCSE is coming up, I have decided to take the weekend to be a lazy holiday. I woke up at 9 or something and sleep very late. I ate chocolates, ice creams and everything. I watched movies. Tons of movies! Why do I choose to make these three days as the lazy days? Because one and half hour from now, I'm going to be tortured by school, no more movies or anything, IGCSE is like the key for me to go to UK for studying of course.


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