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Awesome Trip

Friday, June 20, 2008 § 0

Hey, I just got back from my trip to Lembang (:

It was just kinda................ awesome, though there's someone, wait, not someone, some girls who always blubering about things, they want this they want that but........... it's kinda nice trip, hmm............. well yeah awesome hahaha but wtf

Hey I miss them, I miss Lembang! Yeah right now I'm not jhs student anymooore oh dear God I miss grx somucho :)

Hello I'm new

Friday, June 13, 2008 § 0

Hey you all........ I'm new :D hehehehe :)
I already got different blog, but I think I'm gonna stick with this one ;) because my old one is gone lost and forgotten hahaha :)
Hmm.... things happened lately is not really great well... the truth is, SUCKS! I got dumped or maybe not dumped just lost contact with my boyfriend that oh-so-seriously makin me sick :( goooosh! I haaate him, but he's the last thing in this world that knows me BETTER than myself! Oh my Gosh! Heeeelp!
I'm sick with this yeah i'm fine i'm okaay! no!!! I AM NOT FINE YOU DAMMIT! I AM SICK!
I NEED SOMEBODY MORE WISE THAN ME, MORE FUNNY MORE...... yang ngelengkapin gue! Auch
Really.......... I don't wanna wait for noone that know he doesn't love me! Okay please.... I don't want to cry..........
Oh boyy

Hey just comeback from moi trip lol.
Em bytheway I don't pretty much in love with that guy anymore, I mean duuuuuuh? He's a jerk and he deserve to have my love and so well he's A BIG SUCH AN ASSHOLE! Ah I hate him so much so bad Ohmoi God ah sebel ah gue sama dia he's nothing to me anymore but he also STOLE MY HEART ah dammit! I hate to being alone tapi tetep aja dia itu jerk, gue cuma mau dapet cowok yg setia yg sayang sama gue yg ngenuat diri gue worth it menurut cowok itu , bukan hanya pelarian doang nying ah elah sebel gua nying ah tau ah sebel gue ah tau ah! Gue harus nyari yg baru kaaan? Tapi gue gak ngerti gimana aranya ngedapetin yg baru? Heloooooo secara gue gaktau apakah gue punya seseorang somebody out there yg sayang SAMA GUE APA ADANYA? Ah tau ah sebel gue ah sebeeeeeeeeeeeeel eh by the way my heart already stolen by a guy who have initial A! Iya dia orang yang berhasil ngambil hati gue cakehlah tapi yaaah you know lah ah tau ah sebel gue hahaaha em gue pengen bangetttttttttttt nget nget nget jadian sama abang kakak kelas jiaaah siapakah itu itulah seorang lelaki bernama abang kakakkelas yg gue gaktau namanya yang ganteng bngt (I'll already talked about him on the previoso) yg pernah liat : Nanda, Tika dan El ") hehehe seneng b gt tau gaksih yaampoun heis so damn hot yagaaaaaaaaaak? aduuuuh masih ngidam nih gue hahahaha apsih gueeeeeee :)


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