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The Circus

Saturday, June 27, 2009 § 0

I'm chatting with other Thatters out there! I'm like wow, I seriously like wow. I mean because of a group of four man, we could be all related and connected. I added (on my Facebook account) a girl from Bournemouth, UK. I mean... I'm in Indonesia and they live all the way in UK. I mean... OH MY GOD. Music connects us. And Internet too. They are veeeeeeery nice. But I do envy them so much, they've been to many Take That's concerts and I'm like, wow. They have all the Take That's merchandise, me? Don't have one (yeah poor Indonesia, I can't ship those beautiful merchandises from UK, because those merchandises are only for UK citizens only). Poor thing. BUT here... I just noticed that the girl that I added was 16 years old and I'm 15 years so... no different. HA!

By the way I got a good news: I passed to the next grade and I'm on Science class. Thanked God! Alhamdulillah :)
Okay bye

Pardon Me, Guitarist.

Friday, June 26, 2009 § 0

Bye bye, King of Pop.

§ 0

Yesterday (25/6) our dear Michael Jackson passed away because of Cardiac Arrest. Its sad to hear that. I mean... he influenced people with his music, well yeah maybe he's not that perfect with all of those rumors and case, but I mean... people all over the world really idolized him, he is very influential. I remember I watched the news about him having a nose surgery or was it face surgery and my Mom said this to me : "He used to have a black skin/afro-american, but now he's white!", I was too young to understand those surgery so I only said, "Okay." I was so young back then but I already like his songs&The Jackson 5, which I then understand that Janet Jackson is his sibling.
Michael, you will always be in our heart, we'll still remember those moon-walk+your white gloves.
Read the news from The Daily Telegraph.

Chan Marshall

Thursday, June 25, 2009 § 0

she is ah-mazing, her voice is just leaving you wondering how can a pretty girl like that has a soothing and strong voice like that! And if I was a guy, I'll be all over her. She's just... I don't know... she's too kewl. And oh I got the picture from here.

Yesterday was awesome. I went out with Zara, Way, Gary and Arie. Zara and Way are my best friends, but Gary and Arie are Zara's friends. We went to Pacific Place and watched Transformers : Revenge of the fallen. The movie was 9 out of 10. The thing that I don't like? The sounds hahaha, just too... loud, but its okay, overall the movie was just... too indescribable. I shouldn't spoil the story here should I? Oh and I didn't watch Ello yesterday, because I came home already at about 8 pm and I'm just too tired to go to Pisa Cafe. I bet Ello was a charm yesterday... but no regrets.
ciao adios te echo de menos. don't know if the spelling wrong :p

PS: I heard enough from you. I'm so tired. Sorry. Bye.

I Wanna Learn Guitar+Drum+Bass

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 § 5

from them.

They're the most crazy/fun/nice band ever. They posted videos from their tours or even when they're just go out and do some crazy things! Here are their web and here where I found the photo.
bye, I'm going to watch Garuda Di Dadaku today and Ello :)

Swan Lake

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 § 0

This photo looks like a circus/ballet-project to me, that reminds me, I wanna buy all the things that sell in this online shop:
me wanna wanna have everything that they sell there, but too bad they sell those undeniably beautiful things only in UK & some parts of Europe. I really wish I could have a I don't know... boyfriend? Or... a friend that lives there that can buy those beautiful things and send it to my house. Okay as much as I am in love with you and Take That but I also a bit fell in love with Timothy Olyphant, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee and Damian Lewis. So I'm gonna watch Dreamcatcher now on Trans TV, ciao love

Borrowed the pic from I seriously am distracted. I'm watching the movie while typing words on my keyboard. muchlove, D

Sha La La La Fisheye

Friday, June 19, 2009 § 0

Those pictures are mine, I took those photos.Hilite: tomorrow I'll be off to Bandung. Or not. I gueesss


Thursday, June 18, 2009 § 2

Romantic and Sweet

Your dream guy is always caring for you and looking out to make sure you're safe! Like Edward Cullen from Twilight, he wants the best for you all the time and would give up anything to make you happy! You are also nice and kind, which makes you two fit together great!

Pretty Pretty Air

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 § 2

The trip was indescribable. Turned out I didn't puke when I hopped on the boat. Boy oh boy the sea was too pretty there! There was no garbage. Well, there were, but they came from Jakarta/Java so it meant that those garbage there came from us, Jakarta, which means we have to use things less than usual or even recycle it, don't use styrofoam (it wont dissolve), don't use plastics/pvc, and throw those garbage to the garbage bin not to the sea.
I got those lesson above from Pak De (old respected guy from Pramuka Island), he's a very wise guy. I learnt how to make briket too, its like charcoal, but different. It saves fuels, practical, harmless, reduces wastes, reduces garbages and cheap. It made out of wood, a waste wood or any kind of wood. K, enuff for the lesson!
TFTs! I got a chance to learn how to snorkel-ing, I took loads of photos, laughed lyke so many times with my besties (too bad Lintang and few of others didn't come) and do all the fun things. It was just... fun. Our mentors and our alumni were crazy, too.
I recommend Pulau Pramuka if you want to have both fun&useful tips. Don't forget camera/pocket camera/lomo/polaroid, whatevs you name it, bring them, memories aren't memories when you have a media to remember them.
Oh yeah, my plans for holiday? Bali baby! But dunno yet tho, still a plan, but I think my uncle has already planned it so... who knows?
Today I went to Plaza Semanggi today with GoyaRyanCentaEmirLewisLintangIfiNacilDiniAudi, the eight of us watched STAR TREK yes baby Star Trek! Woohoo, ain't it? Karl Urban and Simon Pegg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But most of my friends fancy Eric Bana or Chris Pine or Anton Yelchin, but that's okay that means I can have Karl Urban AND Simon Pegg for myself, well not literally of course, they already got spouse/mate.
I fancy today. D.

Oh that fisheye picture above is mine, so I didn't steal anyone's picture&didn't say anything about it. That picture is one hundred per cent pure mine.


Friday, June 12, 2009 § 0

Good news ladies and gentles, TODAY'S THE LAST DAY OF IGCSE. It's a relief people! And tomorrow there'll be an eco trip :) I'm so excited. But at the same time I want to cry. Why? Because... ah later on I hate to fill this blog with those ugly sctuffs. Manyways, I already packed. I'm still waiting for my mom, tho. But its pretty late and my cruise starts at about 8-ish. I should go.
And oh I really fancy this:


Tuesday, June 9, 2009 § 0

you're just too awesome.

Results Of Having A Boring Day

§ 0

I found out about this:


§ 0

I know it is unusual for me to post a fashion post, but I'm just amazed by these two person:

yes. they both are Viktor Horsting (40) and Rolf Snoeren(40), They both owned Viktor&Rolf brand. I know I'm soooo two-thousand-and-late because I just found out about them today. They're just toooooooooooooooo imaginative. See their collection below.

These both are costumes for Robert Wilson’s romantic German opera, Der Freisch├╝tz.

And I wish I could visit their heads, and play in their minds... it could be very enchanting, just like lost in the Wobby-wobby Wonderland! I wish I could have a mind as imaginative as they are when I grow up and be fashion designer. They are just waaaaaaaaaay too creative and thoughtful.
Image sources: and glamchic

Rufus, Totally Rufus!

Sunday, June 7, 2009 § 0

I need. I really really need... shopping. Shopping things can refresh mind, but... blah, fvck it, I don't have any mood right now. Music helps, but just a teeny tiny bit. Blog helps, but nothing changed. Movies helped, but it went away easily. I haven't try to Design things, because... I'm in a bore, inspiration comes more easily when we are in a mood. But I'm not. Food helps, but not that much. "He" is nowhere to be found so I guess he's not helping. I don't know why mood messing up with me lately. Yesterday was a bitch, I hope today's not, but today hasn't been a good one yet, so what should I do?
Any idea to brighten your day? (Blah who I am talking/fooling to?) . And I also have this problems that haven't fixed out by its own yet. It's a pain in the ass knowing that you can't smile or laugh. I did laugh maybe earlier today, but I forgot when and why. Oh I'm going to eat all of my pizza and my spaghetti while watching good movie, but I don't have any new movie lately. GOSH.

Josie Geller: That thing, that moment, when you kiss someone and everything around becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person and you realize that that person is the only person that you're supposed to kiss for the rest of your life, and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you found it and so scared that that it will go away all at the same time.

I haven't found one yet. Source: here and here

Blockhead <3

Saturday, June 6, 2009 § 0

Mood : unpredictable, I laughed so bad when Reja drove me home, but now... I'm not happy. My dad keep telling me, "Smile there little lady, don't put your mouth like that, don't grim". But I can't help it. I actually grim right now.
Current song : either Blockhead or The Trees and The Wild; wait I listened to Romeo&Sarah also.
What I am doing right now : scrapblog-ing, downloading songs (by the way, I'm in love with Blockhead lately, also The Trees and The Wild).

Last night was supposed to be the greatest night in my entire whole IGCSE life. Why? Because last night The Trees and The Wild's last performance. Until 6 months from now, Remedy (the singer) is going to fly away to New York, for studying if I'm not mistaken. Can I ask something? Why can people be so smart? Ck.

I know I kept changing my header, there's no header that seems "perfect" right now (yea, somebody yelled, hahaha, no, someone kept saying "gak ada yang namanya sempurna, cuma Allah doang." or something like that to me♥).

What can I do to make you happy?
What kind of clown thing can I do?
Wiggle my ears, and make them flappy?
My humor is sappy, won’t you sit on my lappy
and don’t cry baby, boo hoo.
Boo hoo.
(The Free Design - What Can I Do?)

bye, gotta go to Dentist, see you on the flip side. Oh, lyrics are taken from here. Enjoy your saturday night, I know I will.

Irish Girl

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 § 2

I'm going to write this in Indonesian, I hope you don'tmind.//
Iya jadi gini, gue emang berusaha mengikuti Lintang untuk selalu merasa tidak menyesal. Tapi gimana dong untuk hal yg satu ini gue nyesel banget iya pokoknya gini, gue engga ikut launching albumnya The Trees and The Wild. Gue nyesel, engga sampe banget sih cuma gue nyesel aja gitu, gue baru ketemu mereka sekali di Cramsisco 3 (pensi-nya 115 tp angkatan dibawah gue).
gue tadi kan ke PS sama Reja, Nacil, Ifi, Lintang, Goya sama Ryan; terus sebelom nungguin filmnya dimulai gue ke toko kaset dulu, gatau kenapa dalem hati gue udah ngomong "pokoknya kl ketemu CD The Trees and The Wild harus beli!" terus gue ketemu deh :3 :3 itu seru banget deh pookoknya ketemu itu CD tinggal satu. Terus gue ngomong ke yg jaga tokonya.
Gue: Mas ini emang distocknya berapa?
Penjaga Toko: wah cuma 5 doang dek, ini terakhir lagi
Gue: wah emang kl jodoh gakemana ya mas!
Penjaga Toko: iya emang mbak bener hehehe
Hilite, selain CD The Trees and The Wild: gue sama rejanacilifilintanggoyaryan nonton Terminator Salvation. Seru banget, I recommend this movie to be your after-exam movie! Tapi gue sempet nangis.
your Irish Girl (Oh I literally am listening to Irish Girl by The Trees and The Wild.).
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