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Monday, February 28, 2011 Comments Off

I miss you. I don't know who you are but I miss you. terribly do.
I've been trying to post things, but this damn blog won't work.
I'll write as soon as possible.
by the way, I'm getting these:


Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Comments Off

"que pasa?"
I'm good. I'm terrifically good. fantastically good. wait. scratch that. I'd be lying. I'm not good. I'm not terrifically good. I'm not fantastically good. I feel like a sandstorm hit my veins or a blizzard strikes through my lungs, or occasional meteor shower in my head. I feel lifeless, helpless, tired and lost.

sleep is more like something to finish the day off--and start the day-- rather than as a relieve, because I get to sleep for only 4-6 hours each day. I feel like a dead rat that is moving in current of the river, because I can't feel anything but people move around me, I'm getting somewhere but I'm aimless too, I know I'm going somewhere, but I don't know where I'm going, or rather, I'm just moving to the end of the river and by then I'd probably know where I'm going.

I'm still trying to find someone that could and would help me, when I'm alone, I feel like nobody would love me and nobody could bear me and nobody would care, but as I go out with my friends, laugh with them, I feel like I don't have any pain at all, no sadness whatsoever and I feel like someone out there could hold me still, however, the feeling doesn't last, the hunch doesn't last, because as I become alone, once again, I realized that nobody could and would and should. I shouldn't be like this.

X: Define being alone.
Y: It's when you're with nobody but your own thoughts.
Y: or when you're in sea of people but you feel like there's nobody.


Saturday, February 5, 2011 Comments Off

I live in the dark land beyond the path of the sun. it is neither bright nor dark. it is neither sunny nor cloudy. it is neither beautiful nor sad. you cannot tell morning or night and wrong or right. it just as it is. you can set the time on your own. it is backward as it is also forward. it is upright as it is downright. I'm like Alice, because when everything is nonsense, nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't and everything that isn't what it is would be what it is. people have different sets of eyes here, more often their lefts are different from their rights. they are all beautiful. they have mermaid hair. most of them are tall and lean but there are some that are tall and skinny. the women have nails that could change colour, they depends on the mood, most of the women usually have red and pink nails (red and pink are the colour of love and happiness, respectively) although sometimes the women have nude nails. they all wear white dresses, like those you see in Greece God and Goddess. they are all identically smart, because they are all telepathic, so when they discover something, they will automatically share the information and all isn't lost. they reproduce identical children. but I am the exception, because my mother and father were cursed when I was born. but I am not like Harry Potter nor am I like Neo, I am not the chosen one. I am the ugly duckling who live in the beautiful white swan world. I'm not supposed to be here.

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