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Sunday, October 18, 2009 § 2

Fariz Hirzan's

Sea of Love

Monday, October 12, 2009 § 0

"I miss the sea. The smell of it. The colour of it, the sparkling light that reflected from the sky. The gradations of it, that ensembles pretty blue colour. The feeling when crystal-clear water embraces my hand. The feeling when the water swept my hair and I don't care if the water ruin my hair. The pretty fish that dancing around me, as if there's no such thing as crime exists in this world. The world down there is so pretty. Beautiful fish gather around, or just staying in the coral. And the feeling when dive from one place to another is as if we only weigh a gram. I miss it."

My Kind of Guy

Sunday, October 11, 2009 § 0

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends here in facebook to answer this.Then see what happens.
If you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
If you're a girl - post this as "my kind of boy"
1. Do you need him/her to be good looking? it would be fine but who cares good look if you have good heart?
2. Smart? yep, smarter than me but not rocket science smart, but Tony Stark smart
3. Preferred age? older, my friends are mostly older than me, and well, yeah, I prefer older, much older, but not 30 years older!
4. Preferred height?
taller than me
5. How about sense of humor?
good sense of humor
6. How about piercing? no
7. Accepts you for who you are? yep yep yep
8. Pink hair? What would my friends say?
9. Mushy or no? no
10. Thin or fat?
in between, Jason Segel's or Alexander Skarsgard's
11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? white, tanned, Alexander Skarsgard's tan, Mark Owen's skin colour
12. Long hair or short hair? depends, does he look good on long hair? I like both
13. Plastic or metal? huh?
14. Smells good? yep, has his own scents that defined him
15. Smoker? he must be straightedge
16. Drinker? straightedge
17. Girl/Boy-next-door type? nope, I like the mysterious, but well known kinda guy
18. Muscular? he works out yes, but not really muscular
19. Plays piano? errr yes I guess, depends
20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? definitely!! I like seeing a guy who has accoustic guitar in his room, he appreciates music
21. Plays violin? mm no thanks.
22. Sings very good? it doesn't matter.
23. Vain? don't think so
24. With glasses? doesn't matter
25. With braces? doesn't matter
26. Shy type? not shy but calm
27. Rebel or good boy/girl? he knows when to be in a good time, being rebel, but not everyday
28. Active or passive? doesn't matter
29. Tight or bomb? err in between
30. Singer or dancer? depends
31. Stunner? no thank you
32. Hiphop? cool
33. Earrings? no thank you
34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
no thank you, I'ma jealous type
35. Dimples? errr nope, well, depends
36. Bookworm? yep
37. Mr/Ms. love letter? no thank you, texts are enough.
38. Playful? well, okay maybe.
39. Flirt? depends
40. Poem writer? not a real job, but he could if he wants to
41. Serious? at times.
42. Campus crush? no, thank you
43. Painter? double yes, but not the crazy painter
44. Religious? of course!!
45. Someone who likes to tease people? yes, he laughs others, but he knows boundaries.
46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak? mix of both
47. Speaks 20 languages? whoa, it would be cool.
48. Loyal or faithful? both
49. Good kisser? should I answer this? No? K
50. Loves children? yep!!!

Breath In

Thursday, October 8, 2009 § 0

I miss it. No no. Not you. Not them. Not other people. But it. A memory. A long-lost-gone-broken-far-away-I-don't-recall-where-it-is memory. Or it wasn't even a memory I guess. I don't know for sure. But I miss it. I don't know if it's either a feeling or rather memory.
I remember being there, breathing very nice after-rain air.
I remember I'm standing in the field. Green. And I couldn't see any buildings, or such. Trees and green field. Grass.
And the sky is blue, with clouds. White clouds.
I can only smell the after-rain air and the grass.
I danced, laughed.
There was someone. Someone that I don't recall a guy or a girl. But that person was with me along the way.
Trees were behind me. Standing still. Proudly.
It was cold, though. I wore the other person's sweatshirt. Oh I guess it was him, not her. A guy.
I felt the cold air. But it wasn't the kind of cold that you hate, not the cold cold. But rather... overwhelming, breathtaking air.
I only hear the silence. We laughed of course, and talked, but other than that, I only hear the silence. The good silence. Not the empty silence. But the kind of silence you need when you want to relax. No no, not the spa silence. But... it was... one of the silence that makes you feel like you want to sleep because you are so tired.
It wasn't perfect fairy tale, though.
Needless to say. I wanted to go back to that place again. That moment, that feeling, that smell.



Thursday, October 1, 2009 § 0

My favorite TV Shows ever, the first before House!! OMG I love Charlaine Harris' books in the Sookie Stackhouse's series, I owned the 2nd until 4th. OMFrigginG. The source of them pics: this

If ever Bill text Sookie:

The Interview (this is funny)

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