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I Barely Have Time To Study

Sunday, September 27, 2009 § 0

Hiya, lads! Hows your weekend? Mine's pretty charming, I slept over at my cousins' hotel room, so its pretty much lovely. We went out for food and for some fun, we watched Phobia 2. We got back from the hotel around 1 am. It was total fun, though the guys smoked all the time, but it was good. Very good. I wish we stayed in the hotel much longer, we could go to other places. We didn't do anything much yesterday, only laugh and a movie, oh some of us ate dinner together (the others ate dinner with their mums and their friends). I stayed up all night until dawn yesterday, felt like I was a vampire, I stayed up with Almo (we both couldn't sleep, I tried to, he smoked instead). It was weird to found out that I could sleep at dawn.

Holiday is going to end soon enough, next week is mid test, but I haven't study yet. I'll study things this week, promise.

My maids haven't got back from their homes yet, so I'm doing the dishes, while Mum do the other. Wish they go back soon. But my driver will be here tomorrow, so maybe I could buy some DVDs and go to the dentist tomorrow.

I asked mein bruder earlier today at lunch, to give me present when next year before he get back, he only nodded, my only hope is that he's not the kind of guy who likes to give away promises and false hopes.

So off to bed now. x


Friday, September 25, 2009 § 0

Hello! Been long since I post! Howryadoin? I'm going to say, firstly, I'm sorry for all of my mistakes. Its going to be a week after Eid tomorrow, so the end of school is near, but worry nothing my love, I have enough vacation, but I don't have enough time to study when I was in Bandung, well... I only studied biology there, not any other.
I'm going out with my cousins tomorrow, oh and probably a sleep over wouldn't hurt, right? They're coming to Jkt, even Kaka Kiky are going to be here, its going to be superb! I guess tomorrow is a movie marathon?
Okay, so long. I'm going to take a nap. It had been a long day. And I'm super hungry. I'm going to watch Sense and Sensibility now. See ya xx

The Name of The Title Of This Post Is Secret

Sunday, September 13, 2009 § 0

Went for sushi yesterday. And good books. And good laugh. At first we were going to Brightspot Market, at first, but then I was not feeling well, I overslept from 3 pm until 4, I saw few messages and IMs and BBMs from Fiya, Zara and Rara. I felt guilt, but I soon found out that neither Fiya nor Zara got out from home and Rara still with her Mum in Gading, so I didn't feel very guilty. I was a bit lightheaded so I decided not to go out eventhough I was the one who planned it :p but they insisted, Rara even used the phrase "If you don't go out I will snab you", so I slept for a while like about 10-15 mins and then I went to PS. To make the short story short, we went to Sushi Tei. I only ordered Agedashi Tofu and Cold Ocha which was free of charge. But, the downside was that I couldn't resist books, good books. The truth is and always will be, I'm a geek. I read books, good books, well there are a few that are bad, but not all of them bad.
So, I was looking for
Flawless (from the series, Pretty Little Liars) when I found out about this absurdly good book: The Name Of This Book Is Secret written by Pseudonymous Bosch, yes it is not his real name. This book is uh-mazing! Very... tricky, there are some anagrams and codes and... its just fun. Its the first of his Secret series. And you should go to his website! OMG. I'm not exaggerating here. Very addictive book. Oh and did I mention you I bought the third series of Sookie Stackhouse too? Yes I did.
Tomorrow I'm going to catch some movies with my schoolmates, if I don't overslept. Hope not. I guess I'm going out for the whole day, there's no maid in my home anyway.
So, see you when I see you.
Oh by the way, this guy is addictive, I bought the whole Second Season! Gosh Hugh Laurie is a great actor!

Found it from: here

I Wonder Do You Still?

Thursday, September 10, 2009 § 1

This is the cutest compliment song ever:

They say your middle name is trouble
But I know it's Caroline
They say you remind them of problems
But I think you look like Audrey
Caroline, I know
That you put on a show
Everytime you two disagree
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
They say they can smell the drama
But I know it's "No. 5"
They say you only bring heartache
But I know you brought a bottle of wine
Caroline,I know
That you put on a show
Everytime you two disagree
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
They say you're like a Monday morning
I say you're like a Friday night
I don't get their points
Anytime is a good time for being with you
This heart is a stone
No one will ever break it
This heart is a stone
Close to you it breaks easily
'Cause everything that they say
Tells me to go away
But everything that I feel
Tells me to stay
Acid House Kings -
This Heart is A Stone

How are you doing? I'm so glad tomorrow is friday which means no school, well actually there is but I'm planning to cut off school, there's no way in heaven I would go to school tomorrow! I mean, there's no science subjects tomorrow, so it would be obviously useless to go to school tomorrow, well maybe today is the last time I see him until two weeks from now, but that's okay, I mean... two weeks wouldn't kill me. Right? And its not like I'm his anything or something and I might be his nothing. K, enough with the love talk, its making me puke.
I'm addicted to: True Blood, House and The Bravery lately, I'm playing The Ocean over and over again. And Coldplay's Shiver too.
Question of the day:
If you get a chance to live forever (I mean like forever forever until Judgment Day) will you take it? Why?


Monday, September 7, 2009 § 0
Read it and weep!! Or scared. Oh and read about the Atlantics!


Saturday, September 5, 2009 § 0

The Take That star will wed long-term girlfriend Emma Ferguson – mother of his two children, Elwood Jack, three, and nine-month-old Willow Rose – in November at a secret venue in Scotland.The couple have sent out save-the-date invites and guests – who will include Mark's bandmates Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Jason Orange – have been told to meet at a pick-up point, where they will be taken to the mystery location.
A source said: "They have picked a venue that's special to them. But they want it to be a surprise for their family and friends right up until the big day."
"Everyone has been trying to guess where it is, but not even Gary, Howard or Jason know where they will be."
"All they know is they have a night off and won't be expected to provide the entertainment for the night."
Mark, 37, first proposed to Emma in 2006 but delayed their nuptials due to the
birth of their two children as well as Mark's commitments with Take That.
The source added: "Mark and Emma have been planning their wedding for sometime and have put a lot of thought into what they wanted."
"They already have two beautiful children so getting married is just the icing on the cake for their family."

How shocking is that? I mean... my favorite idol is going to marry his fiancee. I already knew he would marry her, but... but not... I'm disappointed. Ciao

All You Need Is Love

Thursday, September 3, 2009 § 0

And then while I'm away
I'll write home everyday
And I'll send all my loving to you

How are you lately? Been long since I've posted my last blog post! I had some things going on lately and that's not good! I'm sick right now, I'm as sick as a dogggg! Oh bloody help! My body heat is similar to True Blood's shapeshifters' body heat!
If I'm not as sick as I am right now, I wouldn't post this, I would be sitting at Pancious restaurant with my MESIS 2011. I wonder what are they doing right now... it must be fun.
I'm currently:
reading: Charlaine Harris' Living Dead in Dallas
listening: Green Day's 21 Guns
Ben and Jerry's
wanting: The Sims 3 and Mac OS Snow Leopard
editing pics, diy projects
couldn't wait for: being healed from this bloody sickness, my Take That poster and magazines, my River Phoenix T's; oh and Eid day
liking: fashion mix-matchs
playing: website games

write to ya later
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