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Sunday, March 29, 2009 § 0

(basically same things with the above one but better quality)

Okay mum, lemme live in UK!
Please...... :):)

gue bisa gila kalo semua brit band gabung di satu stage
dan konsernya di jakarta.
dan gue dapet backstage ticketnya
dan orang orang pada engga dateng by some reasons
gue bisa masuk rumah sakit jiwa besoknya.
oh moi

XXX. Nadilla Soenardhi

I Missed A Smile or Two

Thursday, March 26, 2009 § 0

I should sound like I don't care. I should sound like there's nothing else to be cared for. I should sound like there's nothing to be... oh well, there's just nothing perhaps.
I really have to sound like I never care about anything. I should never sound like I care about anything really, or perhaps I should never really care about the idea of life at all.

I hate growing up, or just maybe the idea of growing up. Growing up is not fun. It's like we abandoned all the fun things. The old people refuse to believe what they used to believe when they were young. The fun began to decrease as we grow old. Then after we grew older. We began to think of our sins and pray to God we don't go to the wrong side. Then we die.
So as I think of the idea of growing up... well it's pathetic right? To just having the same things everyday, not knowing that we only live once, we don't have the second chance (well based on my religion)? So why don't we live everyday like there's no tomorrow. Not wasting one bit of a time?

And from today on, I should live my life more... to life. More fun. I only live once.
I have never feel this empty. I cried last night. A lot. Like a really lot. I felt very... empty and... unfulfilled. For some bad or good reasons. I felt so tired lately. I miss something. I miss a place. I miss home. I am writing this at my house, but oh why I feel less home than usual? I don't feel comfortable nor I feel secure. I really feel insecure lately. I feel nothing actually, wait I do feel something, something that indescribable. I don't know what it is, I've been typing and erasing words; oh God I need the missing piece.

I feel so lost, indescribable, like a missing piece;
I'm going to skip the day. I won't go out today. I think. Nobody asked me out today, so I shall not go out. Maybe. I'm going out with my uncle and cousin maybe. Maybe. Sunshine and Pathfinder are on the schedule on Star Movies. Good movies with handsome actors :)

A Ketchup Of Love

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 § 0


I like → errrr everything actually
I like watching → sitcoms
I like to → taking pictures, doing my hobbies
I like people that → like moi
I like to be → being with my friends and families and relatives and boyfriend and Take That too
I like it → when well... scratch that I like him
I hate → errrrrrr the girl who won take that ticket (lol, no haha, I don't really hate her, just jealous)
I hate it → when people wears the "it" thing
I hate people → who hates people that don't really look like them


The new Facebook → not really but it's fine
Do you check your Facebook everyday → not everyday actually, but once every two days
How many ppl you kissed on your top friends? kissed kissed? or just like kiss?
How many ppl on your top friends do you know in real life → all of them are
You hate on Facebook → those notification thing when the photo's or the subject of the comment is not mine, or like this for an example "Mark Owen also commented on Jason Orange's Photo" it is like... lame
You secretly admire on Facebook → errrr there's this guy and there's a girl too

Last beverage → was it tea or ice lemon tea?
Last phone call → errrrr forgot
Last instant message → nachyl, economics
Last song you listened → Up All Night-Take That
Last time you cried → forgot


Dated someone twice → errr does that one count?
Been cheated on → I guess so
Kissed someone & regretted it → hmmmmmn
Lost someone special→ well, actually, I lost my grandpop, and he's quite special actually, although I have never meet him, but I think he's pretty close to me, since my last name was his
Fallen out of love → pffft, yep
Laughed until you cried → I guess so

What's your real name → Nadilla Fedriany Soenardhi (told you)
Zodiac sign → Pisces
Hair color → is it brunette?
Long or short → 3/4 long
Are you a health freak → not really
Righty or lefty → Righty
Met someone who changed your life → yea
What time did you wake up today → 6 am
What were you doing at midnight last night → sleeping
Name something you CANNOT wait for → Take That and Coldplay's concert
What's one thing you wish you could change → my tummy and my alergic-to-dust
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → errr let's see... I guess
What's getting on your nerves right now → 1. I can't join Colplay competition 2. The Take That's concert 3. Flappy tummy 4. school 5. Night hour


First surgery → I've never had any surgery
First piercing → Both ears
First best friend → forgot but a lot actually
First sport you joined → forgot
First pet → I never had a pet :( poor me 
First vacation → was it Adelaide or Gold Coast?
First crush → blahahuahahaha, you know who people


Eating → nothing
Drinking → water
Waiting → oh miracle


Want kids? → Surely
Want to get married?→ yeah of course with someone I do trust and I am deeply in love with, yeah
Careers in mind? → IT or architect perhaps


Kissed a stranger → Nope
Drank hard liquor → never
Lost glasses/contacts → my friend's
Ran away from home → never I guess
Broken someone's heart → hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn, ask other people
Been arrested → never
Turned someone down → guess so
Cried when someone died → yes absotoothley


Yourself → I do
Miracles → Yes
Love at first sight → No
Heaven → ofcourse
Santa Claus → nope
Kiss on the first date → no
Angels → Yes


Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → never
Are you still in touch with your exes? hmmmmmn
Are you gay ? nope

Your bad habit → mood swings
Your best feature physically → lips? nose. definitely  nose
Your best talent → matching other people
Your worst phobia → errrr

Do you believe in God? → yes
Do you have any pets → nope
Do you want to change your name → No, I like it the way it is, wait probably with Chira between Nadilla and Fedriany, but I don't know
Do you easily get a long with new people → Sometimes
Do you swear → hihihi, yes I do
Do you party a lot → not a lot but I know when to party BUT NOT THAT KIND OF PARTY
Do you smoke → nope
Do you have sex → No.
Do you get jealous → yes I do, sometimes
Do you think you're attractive → hmmmmmmn

How do you do → jealous
How many kids do you want to have → 5: oldest male, twins: male and female, female and youngest male
How good is your fashion sense → do not know
How tall are you → 168
How did you react when Obama was elected president → wow thank God

Genuinely Hippie

Friday, March 6, 2009 § 1

those are the lovely lady and the monster man. They are the loveflies that pretty much often went to my house, eaten all of my food (especially risol yagak, Ja?) hmmmmn and the guys loveeees to play along with my little brother; yes, he's the one that bald, chubby and pretty much different than me&so muccch whiter than me (misspelled? don't care). but none of them had got a chance to sleepover at my house. Rara had once, I forgot the precise date but she definitely had, we slept over until about 4 am.
but today I'm going to tell you about my incredibly insane often-visitors!

Most of them are:
Reja, Lewis, Lintang, Centa and Nacil and also Dini
But today only Reja, Lewis and Lintang that bounced on my room like dodgeball. They are pretty insane enough. We joked around, played with my brother, played with my computer, took some pictures (NOT that the guys were such a narcism but they didn't refuse to take some pictures with us, Lintang and I); well just enjoyed the time. Fun times, high school times. At first we gathered together for study things, math and other sciences, but you know how the kids nowadays... we played around and just totally forgot IGCSE.

Lately, it had been a busy week and lonely one, too. The guy that haunted my dreams lately had gone, vanished into thin air and.......... wait. I shouldn't tell things about him. He was the guy, but now... no. he's not the only guy. OKAY. I'll stop. I already got a new... person to flirt to oh wait, it's too bitchy, hmmmn a new... crush. A new prespective. I would like to have him as a brother, instead. Although I know that he likes... my own best friend. oh well... it's okay. OH SHOESTRING, I shouldn't write things about him. let's strikethrough it instead, is there any strikethrough?

Oh yeah tomorrow half of my class will be at my small room, learning. (ppfffft yeah right, I know, we'll be fall asleep or eat so many thing, instead).
OH GOSH. I'm watching Across The Universe! and oh my gosh! JIM STURGESS IS THE HOTTEST, BUT JOE ANDERSON ARE THE WOOFEST british/american/hot guy ever!

Across the Universe, Joe Anderson and Java Jazz, D
PS: have I mention you that I got TWO java jazz tickets for tomorrow? no? well I got it. for free, or a trade maybe. THANKS POP, MUM, LOVE YOU.

Coolest thingies

Monday, March 2, 2009 § 0

SAT Score vs. Music That You Listens To

and this one is.... Lost Generation, cool one, it's not a long boring one, in fact it's kinda....interesting.

Source : Socialvibe

cheers xxxxxxoxoxo

Stuck Gums

§ 0

Have you ever feel there's something, some pieces, that missing, in your life. In your days or maybe just when you are doing something, some projects, but there's some... missing pieces, like missing thing. Some kind of missing... puzzle; you don't know what it is, but you just know and understand that there's a piece that missing, or pieces in my case, but yet, you are unable to find it, it is just.... too... far and hard too reach. Something that you will feel fulfilled if you got that thing back. Have you ever?

Or imagine this, that you miss somekind of feeling being somewhere that you called home; yeah home, not house, home is a place you're belonged to,right? So it's home, not house.
I have. Wait. I am, right now at 19:13, feeling that there's something missing. Some... puzzle pieces. it's not only one maybe, it's a lot actually. & I have those feeling when you're not at the right place and at the right time; also feeling that is when I don't have place to go and there's no place that I call home.

I dunno. Call me pathetic or even naive, but I don't feel home lately. There's a part that missing. It COULD BE because of that guy, but who knows? there's gotta be something more than him in my life!

Whatevs, ttylater. I'm toobusy and can't notice a thing right now.
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