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Friday, March 6, 2009 § 1

those are the lovely lady and the monster man. They are the loveflies that pretty much often went to my house, eaten all of my food (especially risol yagak, Ja?) hmmmmn and the guys loveeees to play along with my little brother; yes, he's the one that bald, chubby and pretty much different than me&so muccch whiter than me (misspelled? don't care). but none of them had got a chance to sleepover at my house. Rara had once, I forgot the precise date but she definitely had, we slept over until about 4 am.
but today I'm going to tell you about my incredibly insane often-visitors!

Most of them are:
Reja, Lewis, Lintang, Centa and Nacil and also Dini
But today only Reja, Lewis and Lintang that bounced on my room like dodgeball. They are pretty insane enough. We joked around, played with my brother, played with my computer, took some pictures (NOT that the guys were such a narcism but they didn't refuse to take some pictures with us, Lintang and I); well just enjoyed the time. Fun times, high school times. At first we gathered together for study things, math and other sciences, but you know how the kids nowadays... we played around and just totally forgot IGCSE.

Lately, it had been a busy week and lonely one, too. The guy that haunted my dreams lately had gone, vanished into thin air and.......... wait. I shouldn't tell things about him. He was the guy, but now... no. he's not the only guy. OKAY. I'll stop. I already got a new... person to flirt to oh wait, it's too bitchy, hmmmn a new... crush. A new prespective. I would like to have him as a brother, instead. Although I know that he likes... my own best friend. oh well... it's okay. OH SHOESTRING, I shouldn't write things about him. let's strikethrough it instead, is there any strikethrough?

Oh yeah tomorrow half of my class will be at my small room, learning. (ppfffft yeah right, I know, we'll be fall asleep or eat so many thing, instead).
OH GOSH. I'm watching Across The Universe! and oh my gosh! JIM STURGESS IS THE HOTTEST, BUT JOE ANDERSON ARE THE WOOFEST british/american/hot guy ever!

Across the Universe, Joe Anderson and Java Jazz, D
PS: have I mention you that I got TWO java jazz tickets for tomorrow? no? well I got it. for free, or a trade maybe. THANKS POP, MUM, LOVE YOU.

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