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Friday, February 27, 2009 § 0

Supaya ceritanya gampang gue jdnya pake bahasa indonesien

So here

I joined a thing called Socialvibe dan disini kita bisa membantu cause-cause yang sedang membutuhkan bantuan, misalnya gue ikut World Food Programme nah cause ini ngebantu orang orang yang engga bisa makan, yang hidupnya busung lapar, orang yang engga bisa mungut nasi sedikitpun pokoknya yang kasian banget deh susah makan (berhubung gue menyadari I love to eat; a lot actually) and whatelse ya. hmmmn. Pokoknya Socialvibe itu ngebantu deh, ngebantu dunia.
Kalo mau nanya gimana gininih saya jelaskan.

Jadi kita bikin account dulu di Socialvibe, it's free and extremely easy.
Udah kan ya, terus kita bakal dapet point-point setiap kali kita: log in, ganti status, jawab answer per days, ngajak orang jadi member Socialvibe, upload foto juga. Terus ato engga masang banner di profile FB, Myspace atau bahkan Blog kayak punya gue ituloh yg di bawah. Nah gitu deh pokoknya keren kan keren dong dong.

Causenya itu terserah kita mau yang mana, banyak loh.

The reason I choose World Food Programme? Soalnya I love to eat, dan engga fair orang lain diluar sana yang emang belom pernah kita temuin, engga bisa makan yang sama kyk gue, gue tau gue engga makan Caviar, Wagyu dan terserah deh makanan yang mahal itu tiap hari, tapi tetep kan gue udah makan lebih dari cukup dan enak. Tanya leantongue sama Reja deh hahaha :] yeaaah so that's why, I want others feel the same about the food, kan engga semua orang di indonesia bisa makan sushi, engga usah jauh jauh deh, engga semua orang bisa makan McD.

Oh yeah, in case you would ask, "Siapa yg pertama kali ngenalin Socialvibe ke gue?"
jawabannya simple:
So please join Socialvibe. It's simple and only one click away to help the world ;)

cheers, xxxxoxoxo, cup of tea and mesiskusayang, D

Haven't I?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 § 0

I've already told you about my new "family" havent I?
Ok-hay here's the pic....

They are my lovely MESIS 2011. I don't call them Caang anymore because there are some who are now Ang, a few that still Semang (Semi-Ang) and some (including moi) are still Caang--because we havent do the pelantikan thing.
They are the woofest :)
We call ourselves (well actually our senior got inspired from the cartoon that we drew) oh well I guess our senior nicknamed us : Kacang Girang because our left hand down and our right hand rising.
which one of my best friend said "Kacang Girang Memang Narsis dan SEXXI a.k.a. Ca.ang. MESIS XXI"
Because most of us are not Caang MESIS anymore, so.........

well anyway, I still have do some projects to be Ang MESIS. hmmmmmmmn
got to go, ttyl xxxxxxoxo


Monday, February 23, 2009 § 0

Shivering through the lonely nights
Confessing to the moon
That there's no sense of lights
Without you no more run
Nor from past nor future

Bandung's Away

Saturday, February 21, 2009 § 0

Hello pretty ladies and hot hotties.
Today I'm finally

And that's the cake that I wish forrr hahahahahaha nerdy? a bit , lol
I'm going away to bandung for a few days, so......... I'll post athing or two later

A Thing or Two

Friday, February 20, 2009 § 2

Got this from Ka Nadya Yunita, my senior on my high school

100 Things

001. Real name ? Nadilla Fedriany Soenardhi
002. Like it ? surely
003. Nickname(s)? Dilla, Dillut, Dilute, Ditul, Dillent
004. Status ? hmmmnn hahaha
005. Zodiac sign ? Pisces
006. Male or female ? Female
007. Elementary ? SD Sumbangsih Duren Bangka
008. Middle School ? SMPN 115
009. High School ? SMAN 8 kelas Internasional
010. Hair color ? Hmmmm black/brown?
011. Long or short ? middle
012. Eye color ? chocolate
013. Weight ? adadechchch
014. Height ? 167 cm I guess
015. Righty or lefty ? Righty
016. Loud or Quiet ? Loud
017. Sweats or Jeans ? Both
018. Phone or Camera ? Both
019. Health freak ? Yesss
020. Piercings ? only the one on my ears
021. Do you have a crush on someone ? yeepp ;)
022. Eat or Drink ? in what condition?
023. Purse or Backpack ? sling bag
024. Tattoos ? I wish I could have one
025. Do You Like Yourself ? at certain conditions I hate myself, but most of the time I woof myself
026. Current worry ? hmmm, IGCSE

027. Orange or Apple Juice ? Apple Juice
028. Night or Day ? Dawn
029. Sun or Moon ? Sun
030. TV or Internet ? both
031. PlayStation or XBox? both
032. Kiss or Hug ? both
033. Iguana or Turtle ? turtle
034. Spider or Bee ? not either of them
035. Fall or Spring ? fall for sure
036. Limewire or iTunes ? iTunes
037. Soccer or Baseball ? Basketball, maybe

038. First surgery ? never had one thank Godness
039. First piercing ? Ear
040. First best friend ? umm... Cynthia and Dee-dee I guess
041. First Sport ? idk
042. First award ? forgot
043. First crush ? a guy with an initial L
044. First pet ? never had one :(
045. First big vacation ? errr outside or inside IDN?
046. First big birthday ? 6th or 5th grade, forgot. But I remember the place

047. Eating ? taco, nachos, burrito
048. Drinking ? Tea
049. I'm about to ? change my clothes
050. Listening to ? Love is No Big Truth by Kings of Convenience
051. Singing ? "because times they are a changing"
052. Typing ? nothing, well, this actually but other than this... I don't know
053. Waiting for ? a phone call or a text

054. Want kids ? yes
055. When ? after married
056. Want to get married? ? Yep
057. When ? don't know
058. Where Do You Want To Live ? London, Paris, Greece, My own Island
059. Careers in mind ? don't know, still changing things, I love art but science is more interesting
060. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little ? designer
061. Mellow Future Or Wild? ? does happy ending count?
062. Something You Would Never Try ? in the future? hm...

063. Lips or eyes ? eyes for sureeee <3
064. Shorter or taller? ? Taller
065. Romantic or spontaneous ? spontaneous
066. Nice stomach or nice arms ? nice body
067. Sensitive or loud ? not either of both
068. Hook-up or relationship ? Relationship
069. Trouble maker or hesitant ? not either of both
070. Hugging or Kissing ? hugging
071. Tan Skinned or Light ? idk, usual typical guy skin
072. Dark or Light Hair ? Dark
073. Muscular or Normal ? normal but a bit muscy

074. Lost glasses/contacts ? yes I guess
075. Ran away from home ? I think so hahahaha
076. Held a gun/knife for self defense ? noooope
077. Killed somebody ? nope
078. Broken someone's heart ? who can see through someone's heart?
079. Been arrested ? in monopoly yes
080. Cried when someone died ? Yep
081. Kissed A Stranger ? never
082. Climbed Up A Tree ? hm I think so
083. Liked A Friend As More Than A Friend ? sometimes or two

084. Yourself ? yep
085. Miracles ? in what way
086. Love at first sight ? not really
087. Heaven ? Yep
088. Santa Claus ? not really
089. Kiss on the first date ? nope

090. Is there one person you want to be with right now ? YEP (I guess everyone know who it is)
091. Do You Like Someone ? yep
092. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life ? I guess so
093. Do you believe in God ? yes

094. Recieved/Sent Text Message ? Dini Mardhiyani
095. Received Call ? Dini Mardhiyani
096. Call Made ? my house
097. Comment On MySpace ? forgot, lintang's page maybe
098. Missed Call ? Agustina Rahmawati
099. Person You Hung out With ? family
100. Post as 100 truths and tag : everyone that accidentally read

Spring Street

§ 0

I'm speechless
As well as my best friend said,
"You are making people speechless,
In a funny rare-heard,"

With a glimpsed of your hand
The guitar sang along
And the lyrics blend
With the word that stay young

I love the photograph
how it pictures me and my friends
The fun we shared and laughed
That only our fool words blend

A bit story of my gloomy life
A pathetic way you must said
But pretty way in revive
Another phase of life just land

I Present to You

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 § 2

My Family :)

They are the most xoxooxxxxx <3



Sunday, February 15, 2009 § 0

There are several random things that caught up my mind. and it is as dangerous as James Bond, hahaha no, it is just a random things, enjoy.

Dear President Obama,

I think that this year you will have to do a lot of work. One thing that you will have to do is to make school more important for everyone. That way, kids will always do a good job. If I were the president, I would work really hard to change Boston and other cities. I would make the world very smart. I would make all of the world work really hard and always do the best job that they can.

Gabriela Quezada, age 7

Dear President Obama,

I want to tell you hi. Do you work with Santa Claus? Can I meet you in your house? Can I say bye to you after I meet you? And then can I meet you again? And then again after that?

Sergio Magana, age 5
San Francisco

Dear Barack Obama,

I have a great idea for you: you should set up a special phone, a special place just for kids to call the president if they find things that are dangerous and can affect people, like someone smoking. This would be a special place for kids to talk to Barack Obama and let him know what's going on.

Another important thing that I want to talk to you about is cars and buses. There is a bus called the Galactic Wizard which runs on biofuel or vegetable oil. I think, instead of polluting the environment, scientists should work on those buses. You should make it so that everyone turns off any light whenever they are not in the room—that way we can save the environment and also pay less on our electricity. We can't just use up the environment until we have nothing, or we will starve to death. Nobody wants that, do they? I want to tell you, Barack Obama, if one day I could travel around the world and help people, I would definitely do it.

Dhamaril Nunez, age 9

Want to read more? click

I'm oh-so desperate. Where are the fun of high school?

Quote of The Day

§ 0

"Haha where's your Qur'an now?"
"I'm not moslem, even though I am doesn't mean that I am a terrorist!"

Taken from the movie "Harold and Kumar 2 : Escape from Guanatamo Bay"

How Are You?

§ 0

I'm quite over occupied lately. My minds and my body are. Not that I complained it's just so hard to do personal things and have personal times for my own. I'm lack of me-time lately. Anyone help to manage time? I think I should get personal assistance for this hahaha, talk about fancy life!

school had been hectic lately. and still is. and you know this saturday is my birthday and I have to go to Mt. Halimun for LDKA or something I don't know. Forgot. And I have to go. I know. Rude right?

I'm chatting with Sha-sha on MSN. She's my old friends from elementary school who is now lives in Canada. And we are talking about school. And how school in Indonesia is boring and why does Indonesia sucks. And how I wish I could study abroad. And how cool it is schools in Canada. And the curriculum and education is different and totally F-U-N.

Indonesia is a greeeeaaaat place but I hate the government. Oh God how I wish I can live outside Indonesia. I hate Indonesia's government. They are............ not thinker, but they think they know everything.

Ah! Indonesia has tons of things to do before Indonesia can turned into England. But I love it anyway :)

Ciao Ciao, D

If You Don't Care It's Fine By Me

Thursday, February 12, 2009 § 0

I'm oh-so-tired

I need some rest.

I miss beauty sleep.
And tomorrow I have to go to school, school sctuffs

Typhoid, my mum said. You don't want to have typhoid, do you? And I said. Well, what should I do, I HAVE TONS OF THINGS TO DO. I wish I have my beauty sleep.
Sorry for the unimportant post.

Ohyeah, today Reja, Dini and Lintang went to my house. Reja still in my room. its 20:45 now. We were supposed to do some school sctuffs, but instead we were dancing, listening to musics, photoshoots and some curhat colongan hahaha <3

xxxoxo D

I Can't Read You

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 § 0

I don't know. I don't care.

Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday, Rara. She's turning 15. I know. Rara and I both born in the same year, so this year we are going to turn into 15. I know. We are so young compare to Betary. She's 16. She's mature. Unlike me. Well maybe because she has a brother...... maybe I just don't know.
Let's talk about something else. Like how tired I am working on Mesis project. It's not really...... hm................ it's not really hard. It's just took most of my time. I know I should be studying for my IGCSE. but I can't help it. I can't help the schedule. I hate school. Not the fact that I have to got up at 4.45 everymorning, but... I just hate the tight schedule, it gives me no time to think, eat or do things, EVEN STUDY. I wish the kader were thing earlier, like before the year of 2009! So I CAN FOCUS ON MY IGCSE! IGCSE is like more important than UK right now! yes, without it I can't study in UK, so it's definitely numbuh one priority. More than anything else. ARGH. WHAT SHOULD I DO. I know the kader thing ends next week. but how am I supposed to do? Wait? IGCSE IS IN MAY-JUNE, if you were me you would have chosen it above anything else right? I hate option, but life is full of option, right? I hate choosing thing over something else. it's so unfair!

Okay. I miss the smell of holiday, especially Bandung's natural air. I miss the fun of holiday, especially Bali's famous beaches partay. I miss shopping on the holiday, especially Hong Kong's hidden stores. I just miss holiday. Oh yeah by the way my Dad will be fly to Barcelona this friday. Business class.......... whatelse? Argh, I miss holiday. Even saturday and sunday I have to do things. School things.not just kader, paper and some thing else, it's everything!

Bukannya gue gamau kader, I just hope it was earlier. The earlier the better I dedicate my work for them. I have to study IGCSE you know......................... get it? No?

Maybe, this sat and sun, my classmates with some few teachers and I will be gone to BSD and Bogor. I know......... I know the last one is a bit shock, but we will have some photo hunting there :) and also in BSD we will attend something, or so they say.

D, too tired.

Feb 6th,

Friday, February 6, 2009 § 2

Do you know how much I love my high school? And my high school friends? LIKE SO MUCH! they are the precious :3
the memories. the fun. the FUN. the... laugh. and the togetherness. its just... I don't know. when they say high school is the most precious time of our lives, it's definite true! and also the fact that we live only once, WE GOTTA FILL THE HIGH SCHOOL TIME MORE......... FUN, and more in everything. oh my Gosh I love high school. I think I'm going to miss all of it. the fun in high school............ errr.........

Anyway. since this humble person doesn't know how to write things poetically, so....... okay. first think you gotta know about me. I'm no poet, nor am I an artist. I don't know how to make things artistically. I'm too..... immature. although I know perfectly that I become less immature since high school and turning into mature one, although I do not know perfectly that I am mature.
But well, truthfully, there are some people, well one actually, that loves be better when I was in junior high. When I was naive maybe? i don't think that I was lovable back then, by a guy, I mean. and I don't know what I've become.
Mayang says that: Ya ya. Actually I see you in mature with my eyes. Hahaha. Kayanya gue blm mature looks different from junior high

Am I? I don't really think I am. less immature maybe. But I still has those I-don't-care-about-anything. and I still, well I believe I am, can't control my feelings. I can't control my feelings. Sometimes I just like jumps out of the window because I had a good time, or because I am extremely sad. Enggasih gitu jugasih, but I do sometimes.

Hey there, time. Thanks for being so lovely, I love this high school times. and I can't believe how fast to get through 10 grade. I thought it was yesterday that I introduced myself in front of the class. Gosh I-L-O-V-E-H-I-G-H-S-C-H-O-O-L! not that I hate my junior high, it's just... different. Different times. Different memories and different fun-times too. I can't meshed both things together.

Gtg. I'm going to sleep. Adios.
xxx, D
PS: lack of sleeping cause the increasing number of fats in my body

Lack of Post

Thursday, February 5, 2009 § 0

Hi there, hello :)
I'm so sorry yesterday I didn't write a thing. I've been busy lately. still am. I'm oh so tired of school lately. literally. and yes. my diet became unbalanced, again. my cheeks grew layers of fats. errrrrrrr. I know. I'll show you some of my new fat pictures. errrrrrrrgh. I'm becoming the fat lady again.

Anyways. I have nothing to tell, ta ta :)

I've been craving for UK lately/ and also vacations.

Busy as ever huh, D?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 § 0

Recently, I've been working my ass of for Mesis. And I'm extremely exhausted lately. Not that nobody care, but......... I miss real hols. not just saturday or sunday, which by the way not holiday just day off, I mean like real hols. For 1 month or more/less.

Exhaaustedd but I have to be ok. I mean its just a phase, I'll get something better from it. I know I will.
And why I have to be that............ vulnerable. oh Gosh.
I really miss hols :( I really do. And all of the pretty things in the world too, such as daydreaming, lullabies or fashion hunting. or even just a full-day sleep. I miss hong kong and Bandung, too and a bit taste of Lembang.
Where is holiday when I need them?

I've been eating like elephant lately..., how come I turned into a nasty eveything-is-food eater? errrrrrch., I hate eating food, but I love food.

I'm oh-so-lonely today. and extremely moody too. and everyone that I know I blame at. I know they were like, "What's up with you today?" and I was like.................. my period. and some things been clinging on my head lately. and it's not good. at all. not pretty as well. nor bad. it's just............
not mesis, though. not mesis, something...bigger and... smaller. and... different.
I can't think very well, I'm going to make some things to do. mesis and... sctuffs. bye. ttyl. later tonight, or tomorrow. just wait. I'll be here. don't worry.


Monday, February 2, 2009 § 2

I'm starting to read this one. it's a diary of Madeline Beck about her life when world war II. I know it's no better than Annie Frank, but I think she deserved a story. A story that long last forever. I've always love diary and history, but indonesian histories... well, nothing can be told, nothing can be amaze of. just plain life. but when Majapahit or those other kingdoms history are quite interesting.

I've finished the Mrs Marridge Project. It was a self-finder book. that marriage life never been quite easy. and about love, friendship and everything. I woof this one. Jarang ada cerita novel kyk gini yang diselipin tentang self finder and it is a good one! Good Job! I want to read her new novel Flying for Frankie, they said it's similiar to The Mrs Marridge Project with the background story in England, UK <3
And it's out to the store (in UK) this month. (oh yeah, happy February everyone, 19 days till my birthday)
And I googled "Lemony Snicket" I don't know why his name was clinging on my head. And I finally for my 14 years of my life, saw his face. I thought he was extremely skinny, misterious and all-those black-and-white-pictures shows him that he's no good with people but he's not! he's all chubby with smile on his face a bit hectic too and his face are far from ugly or misterious, or maybe it is him. because there is so errr little records about him on tape or on internet. I've never saw his face, or maybe until now. if that really is him. and I reaaaaaaaaaally am curious, help anyone? Okay, I'm going to tell you a bit about me, I can be a hectic person if I'm very curious about a thing or two.

"We can't all want the same things. How boring would that be? Some people strive to be succesful, and some to be rich or famous or powerful. But some people aren't interested in things like that -- and who's to say their choices are better or worse than anybody else's" - Mrs. Marridge Project

I miss holidays. I know I know, yesterday was Sunday. But do you know that I worked my ass off yesterday? Yes. I was working with my ca.ang friends. I'm so tired right now.................. I may wish for myself a good night sleep but since I'm in high school, assignments and hws are all I have, so... yes, sleep is a precious thing lately,
My new heroes: Gothic Archies. search them on myspace. theyre freakin awesome! please, someone that know how to order things on the internet teach me how. I really want to purchase the Gothic Archies' CD! They're not really, hm.... what's the word, common music like.... All Time Low or.... else, Jason Mraz for example, theyre all about those Gothic sad song and old song, Idk why I just... woof them. I love those sad-creepy circus songs, I mean.... I don't know, maybe, just maybe, I live in a wrong time, right one maybe but I love all those vintage things. but I CAN'T live without technology. too... boring.
I'm reading the Midnight Sun, D

Recommend Movies

Sunday, February 1, 2009 § 0

So hey, hows it going? Im doing just fine. I've just finished watching Along Came Polly it is really such a nice movie. Comedy romantic thing. I find it fun to be Polly and yes I want to learn salsa. the latina dance, kinda dirty dancing or something but since my cousin's girlfriend learns salsa, I've always wanted to try too, but not until I got my IGCSEs. errrr, I have to improve my english, my brain. IGCSE is one click away and I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for it.

Oh yes, I've watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. One word: PERFECT. It's like, for me personally, an amazing movie. Filled with music, romance and comedy. I quite enjoy if I could have a lovestory like that. I mean... they kinda have this special feeling with each other. Nick is like Norah's music soul mate. they have same taste of music and they're just prfecto =] Norah is kind of misterious girl but a bit famous and Nick is like one of the music geek that has incredible taste of music. You have to watch it!

My plan for today besides day dreaming is go to school. I know I'm oh-so tired but I have to go. I have to do some subsie sctuffs, not that I hate it but I'm feeling a little bit lazy lately. Don't know why.
I'm still working on my project. which is my own novel (I know how it sounds: geeky, unimportant, insecure) but I don't know if I would finish it. or even start it. I'm still finding my own story.

With love, headache and sketch designs, D
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