I Can't Read You

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 § 0

I don't know. I don't care.

Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday, Rara. She's turning 15. I know. Rara and I both born in the same year, so this year we are going to turn into 15. I know. We are so young compare to Betary. She's 16. She's mature. Unlike me. Well maybe because she has a brother...... maybe I just don't know.
Let's talk about something else. Like how tired I am working on Mesis project. It's not really...... hm................ it's not really hard. It's just took most of my time. I know I should be studying for my IGCSE. but I can't help it. I can't help the schedule. I hate school. Not the fact that I have to got up at 4.45 everymorning, but... I just hate the tight schedule, it gives me no time to think, eat or do things, EVEN STUDY. I wish the kader were thing earlier, like before the year of 2009! So I CAN FOCUS ON MY IGCSE! IGCSE is like more important than UK right now! yes, without it I can't study in UK, so it's definitely numbuh one priority. More than anything else. ARGH. WHAT SHOULD I DO. I know the kader thing ends next week. but how am I supposed to do? Wait? IGCSE IS IN MAY-JUNE, if you were me you would have chosen it above anything else right? I hate option, but life is full of option, right? I hate choosing thing over something else. it's so unfair!

Okay. I miss the smell of holiday, especially Bandung's natural air. I miss the fun of holiday, especially Bali's famous beaches partay. I miss shopping on the holiday, especially Hong Kong's hidden stores. I just miss holiday. Oh yeah by the way my Dad will be fly to Barcelona this friday. Business class.......... whatelse? Argh, I miss holiday. Even saturday and sunday I have to do things. School things.not just kader, paper and some thing else, it's everything!

Bukannya gue gamau kader, I just hope it was earlier. The earlier the better I dedicate my work for them. I have to study IGCSE you know......................... get it? No?

Maybe, this sat and sun, my classmates with some few teachers and I will be gone to BSD and Bogor. I know......... I know the last one is a bit shock, but we will have some photo hunting there :) and also in BSD we will attend something, or so they say.

D, too tired.

What's this?

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