How Are You?

Sunday, February 15, 2009 § 0

I'm quite over occupied lately. My minds and my body are. Not that I complained it's just so hard to do personal things and have personal times for my own. I'm lack of me-time lately. Anyone help to manage time? I think I should get personal assistance for this hahaha, talk about fancy life!

school had been hectic lately. and still is. and you know this saturday is my birthday and I have to go to Mt. Halimun for LDKA or something I don't know. Forgot. And I have to go. I know. Rude right?

I'm chatting with Sha-sha on MSN. She's my old friends from elementary school who is now lives in Canada. And we are talking about school. And how school in Indonesia is boring and why does Indonesia sucks. And how I wish I could study abroad. And how cool it is schools in Canada. And the curriculum and education is different and totally F-U-N.

Indonesia is a greeeeaaaat place but I hate the government. Oh God how I wish I can live outside Indonesia. I hate Indonesia's government. They are............ not thinker, but they think they know everything.

Ah! Indonesia has tons of things to do before Indonesia can turned into England. But I love it anyway :)

Ciao Ciao, D

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