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I'm starting to read this one. it's a diary of Madeline Beck about her life when world war II. I know it's no better than Annie Frank, but I think she deserved a story. A story that long last forever. I've always love diary and history, but indonesian histories... well, nothing can be told, nothing can be amaze of. just plain life. but when Majapahit or those other kingdoms history are quite interesting.

I've finished the Mrs Marridge Project. It was a self-finder book. that marriage life never been quite easy. and about love, friendship and everything. I woof this one. Jarang ada cerita novel kyk gini yang diselipin tentang self finder and it is a good one! Good Job! I want to read her new novel Flying for Frankie, they said it's similiar to The Mrs Marridge Project with the background story in England, UK <3
And it's out to the store (in UK) this month. (oh yeah, happy February everyone, 19 days till my birthday)
And I googled "Lemony Snicket" I don't know why his name was clinging on my head. And I finally for my 14 years of my life, saw his face. I thought he was extremely skinny, misterious and all-those black-and-white-pictures shows him that he's no good with people but he's not! he's all chubby with smile on his face a bit hectic too and his face are far from ugly or misterious, or maybe it is him. because there is so errr little records about him on tape or on internet. I've never saw his face, or maybe until now. if that really is him. and I reaaaaaaaaaally am curious, help anyone? Okay, I'm going to tell you a bit about me, I can be a hectic person if I'm very curious about a thing or two.

"We can't all want the same things. How boring would that be? Some people strive to be succesful, and some to be rich or famous or powerful. But some people aren't interested in things like that -- and who's to say their choices are better or worse than anybody else's" - Mrs. Marridge Project

I miss holidays. I know I know, yesterday was Sunday. But do you know that I worked my ass off yesterday? Yes. I was working with my ca.ang friends. I'm so tired right now.................. I may wish for myself a good night sleep but since I'm in high school, assignments and hws are all I have, so... yes, sleep is a precious thing lately,
My new heroes: Gothic Archies. search them on myspace. theyre freakin awesome! please, someone that know how to order things on the internet teach me how. I really want to purchase the Gothic Archies' CD! They're not really, hm.... what's the word, common music like.... All Time Low or.... else, Jason Mraz for example, theyre all about those Gothic sad song and old song, Idk why I just... woof them. I love those sad-creepy circus songs, I mean.... I don't know, maybe, just maybe, I live in a wrong time, right one maybe but I love all those vintage things. but I CAN'T live without technology. too... boring.
I'm reading the Midnight Sun, D

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