If You Don't Care It's Fine By Me

Thursday, February 12, 2009 § 0

I'm oh-so-tired

I need some rest.

I miss beauty sleep.
And tomorrow I have to go to school, school sctuffs

Typhoid, my mum said. You don't want to have typhoid, do you? And I said. Well, what should I do, I HAVE TONS OF THINGS TO DO. I wish I have my beauty sleep.
Sorry for the unimportant post.

Ohyeah, today Reja, Dini and Lintang went to my house. Reja still in my room. its 20:45 now. We were supposed to do some school sctuffs, but instead we were dancing, listening to musics, photoshoots and some curhat colongan hahaha <3

xxxoxo D

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