Haven't I?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 § 0

I've already told you about my new "family" havent I?
Ok-hay here's the pic....

They are my lovely MESIS 2011. I don't call them Caang anymore because there are some who are now Ang, a few that still Semang (Semi-Ang) and some (including moi) are still Caang--because we havent do the pelantikan thing.
They are the woofest :)
We call ourselves (well actually our senior got inspired from the cartoon that we drew) oh well I guess our senior nicknamed us : Kacang Girang because our left hand down and our right hand rising.
which one of my best friend said "Kacang Girang Memang Narsis dan SEXXI a.k.a. Ca.ang. MESIS XXI"
Because most of us are not Caang MESIS anymore, so.........

well anyway, I still have do some projects to be Ang MESIS. hmmmmmmmn
got to go, ttyl xxxxxxoxo

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