Busy as ever huh, D?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 § 0

Recently, I've been working my ass of for Mesis. And I'm extremely exhausted lately. Not that nobody care, but......... I miss real hols. not just saturday or sunday, which by the way not holiday just day off, I mean like real hols. For 1 month or more/less.

Exhaaustedd but I have to be ok. I mean its just a phase, I'll get something better from it. I know I will.
And why I have to be that............ vulnerable. oh Gosh.
I really miss hols :( I really do. And all of the pretty things in the world too, such as daydreaming, lullabies or fashion hunting. or even just a full-day sleep. I miss hong kong and Bandung, too and a bit taste of Lembang.
Where is holiday when I need them?

I've been eating like elephant lately..., how come I turned into a nasty eveything-is-food eater? errrrrrch., I hate eating food, but I love food.

I'm oh-so-lonely today. and extremely moody too. and everyone that I know I blame at. I know they were like, "What's up with you today?" and I was like.................. my period. and some things been clinging on my head lately. and it's not good. at all. not pretty as well. nor bad. it's just............
not mesis, though. not mesis, something...bigger and... smaller. and... different.
I can't think very well, I'm going to make some things to do. mesis and... sctuffs. bye. ttyl. later tonight, or tomorrow. just wait. I'll be here. don't worry.


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