Friday, April 10, 2009 § 0

I want to apply internship.
At some magazine.
Really. I do. But not now. Maybe on June or July.
I actually reading a lots of novel that has something to do about internships. The novels are educational, actually. & I read this book and I found myself enjoying them. Enjoying marine biology and all those watery thing. But, I prefer going above the sea than under it. I prefer go to somewhere beautiful as well. Like France or even... I don't know, I've always have this dream to live in either London or well... Greece? Greece sounds perfect. London... well... not those city for, like, visiting; you see... I've always in love with loud and busy things, but vacation needs some lonely and silence, so...

Anyway, I'm into old photos lately. And... well... a guy actually.
I don't know if you are a real crush or just a phase after my past. Or maybe because you made a "move" or maybe it is what I feel.
Boredom attacked, I played DVDs& watch cinema: Fast & Furious (Cin), Rocknrolla (Dvd), The Edge of Love (Dvd), Ghost Town(Dvd), Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix (HBO), Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (HBO), Cars (Disney), Second Sight (HBO), Superstar (HBO).
Not that long list. hmmmmn,
Arrivederci, Au Revoir.
Dont you just hate it? Oh not the Italian and France goodbye. but... nevermind.

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