What if The Mightiest Word is Love?

Thursday, April 9, 2009 § 0

"You've got a raindrops running down your cheek. Just like a tear"
"No harm will ever come to you,"
"Not from me, not from anyone else. Not while I'm here"
"No word of mine will ever hurt you"
"You'll come back to me, you know you will."
"Tell me you love me"
"Comeback alive and I'll say it"
"William makes me real"

You have to watch the movie. The Edge of Love I mean. At first I bought the dvd because I found Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller are adorable actresses, but then I found out that there was CILLIAN MURPHY on the movie. And also, Cillian and Keira sang on that movie. It was set on 1940. hmmmmn/// perfect idealism of realistic and intimate love.

Today I have decided not to go outside. It is a long holiday, but let's just call it a gap before the hectic comes out next week. hmmmmn...\\ why does the people in UK enchanted me? not just them actress, but the people in it and their cultures, not that Indonesia's cultures bad, Indonesia's cultures are great, awesome, amazing (even some countries copied our cultures), but it is awesome to learn other people countries' cultures. I guess Anthropologist does suit me, but I don't like it as a job, as hobby maybe.\\
Enough blabbering, oh yeah my Mum and Pop and his few friends and her few friends went to HK today!! It doesnt make me angry or mad, just... asking "don't you guys tired of working?" WHY DON'T THEY GET TIRED? wow.
Cillian Murphy is killing me. Can't you guys please find me a cure? Another hot guy maybe? hmmmmmmmmn CILLIAN IS KILLIN' ME! Hawt hawt hottie
and dearly dear. what do you want.?

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