XXX/XXX. Future

Monday, December 24, 2012 Comments Off

All I do lately was collecting some strangers' photos. Lovely women with their kids, shop clerks, some hot dog sellers, dog walkers with their colorful leashes, kids with their cotton-candys or ice cream cones, falling leaves, gardeners, some busy business people with their smartphone and some other, otherwise faceless, strangers that I captured during my time in here. I guess you could say that it was waste of films; but the beauty of it all was that, while they were doing their own stuff, busy building up their future (or at least for some they were doing those just to make it to the future), I was here, connected but unattached at the same time. I was there, blended with the crowd, but as an individual at the same time. I became one with scenery, an ignored faceless stranger that by chance got into those people life even just for some seconds. I never stopped loving that fact, the fact that everyone is a crowd but an individual at the same time. A collective group of individuals that are searching for their future, building their future and fighting for their future.

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