Of Cold Days

Cold days feel even colder when I realize that these are the times that make me feel the solitude. Perhaps not the kind of solitude that will stab my very bones, but still, these cold days remind me that I have no one in particular to share all of my cold skin with. No one that could stroke my arms. No one that could hold me when I need some strength to do what I must under the harsh rainy days. No one that could share a cup of hot peppermint tea with me. No one that could help me find the blessing of sunlight at these time of a season.
This makes me feel like somehow my existence is ignored by the whole part of humanity. I think it has something to do with the part that I have no one when everyone is snuggling and cuddling like there is no tomorrow.
Cold days make people do harsher things. The fact that the weather cannot cooperate with anything that they are trying to do currently. Their mood got darker or even moodier than usual. They spend more time to do things more than usual.

And where can I run?