XXI/XXX. Sunset

Do you know that I don't like sunsets, that I prefer gazing at the sunrise. Do you want to know why?
Even though they are beautiful and colorful, but they are deceitful. You see, the sky paints colorful color; pink, blue, red or even sometimes green, but afterwards, you can see the whole sky is darkening, like creeping up into some kind of sadness or even guilt as an aftertaste of the happiness they sold to the world. I know they are just doing their job, for concluding the light with burst of color (with supposedly hidden meanings) and for making that part of the Earth feel rested. But to be honest, I've never liked it.
I prefer sunrises, especially when you see them on the beach. They are so peaceful. They slowly, tentatively, innocently creep on you, making you watch them in child-like wonder and admiration. After the whole dark sky that is filled with twinkling stars, you can see the fresh new breath of another day, another hope. I like sleeping at sunrises, too. When the sky is lighting up, dawn is near, the weather crushes the fear. When they still have the glory of the night but the hope of a new day.

And of course, sunrise is my favorite part of the day, because I get to wake up and curl next to you, and I become the first person that you see every morning.