IX/XXX. Move

Someone once told me that we are the children of the stars, as we carry their atoms inside of us. When I was a kid, I did not know the meaning of 'the children of the stars', but now, when I finally get to know you, I think I can grasp the idea of it.

You see, you remind me of stars. As exquisite as the stars when they rotate; I could never help but look at your bones when you flex your muscles, as the skin of your body moves to accomodate the change in the way you stand (or sleep, or eat, or drink, etc), because your movements are as graceful and as enchanting.
You remind me of stars. As unique as each stars, they rotate in their own constellations, their own path, none of them are the same; I could not help but admire the way you think, the way you pick roads less traveled, the way you find small passages through the difficulties in your life that could make you breathe easier.
You remind me of stars. As blinding to the darkness around the stars, because stars were born in the darkness, but they guide themselves.

You see. I still have many reasons, do you need to hear them?