Top 9 Fictional Boyfriends

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Let's face it, I'm one of those kids. I have imaginary boyfriend (boyfriends if you count fictional characters) that I built upon my own criteria that I've seen over the past 18 years from tv shows and films. Now, here is my top ten imaginary/fictional boyfriends:
  1. Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility
    You probably have heard of him before. He's one of Jane Austen's perfect specimens. He is like one of those familiar characters that you meet once in a while; he loves to read, has a passion for music and he sacrifices himself for someone he loves. His heart got broken once, because of the love of his life went with someone else and produced a love child, then he got to be the one that raised the child. He has the softest heart. He matures gracefully. In other words, he is perfect.
  2. Beast from Beauty and The Beast
    We don't know who his real name is, but he is one hell of a guy (or beast). He is one of the animated characters that's developed through the movie. At first he has a tough guy routine then he turns to this annoying guy and finally Belle manages to soothe him up. Beside the character development, this prince has a giant-like library that is filled with books (even though he couldn't read at first) and he has his own ballroom. The Stockholm Syndrome story and the cute applicable-to-life circumstances (the townsfolk hates something that they don't know, Gaston wants Belle only for her looks, the townsfolk hates Belle for being different, etc) attract me the most. And let's be honest, when he turns into the human version, you can't help but want to kill Belle for being with a person with big biceps and wide chest.
  4. Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars.
    This guy has the best bad boy attitude I've seen so far. The broken misunderstood rich boy that looks like he has every right to be naughty, considering he has a broken home; a father that has a criminal record, a mother that jumped off a bridge and an adopted sister. He loved Veronica's best friend so much, that he didn't dare to move on until he was sure with himself. Let's not forget how many uncountable times he had save Veronica from troubles. The tough guy with squishy and soft interior is really charming. And you can't ignore his yellow jeep and cheeky comebacks. Oh and there is an episode where he watches Sense and Sensibility with Veronica, isn't that just cute?
  5. Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who
    Well, by now, I think you can predict my type: the misunderstood guys who turn out to be nice. Ninth Doctor is one of them. In his reincarnation, he only understood destruction before he met Rose, now that he has met her (assuming we are talking about the AU starts from Father's Day where the original The Doctor and Rose fades behind the wall of bricks in the background and they are off to some adventures in another planet), he turns into this guy that will sacrifice everything for her (remember "I could save the world, but lose you" and that sweet episode in the dungeon in Cardiff?)-- that's a nice gesture coming from a 900 years old alien that has destructed his own race to save the whole universe. He does not walk, he stalks, like a panther to a prey.
  6. Nick from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
    Nick is one of those people that you sometimes sympathizes with because he has an unrequited infatuation that leads to a hell of a night with a girl that is his musical soulmate. Don't we all need him with his yellow car and goofy attitude, and reassuring smiles and awkward hugs. His love for music and his passion for other people (especially his adventurous bandmates) make me melt and want to give him warm cookies. He is the kind of person that you want to settle down and have kids with, the kind of person that will make you feel happy everyday with sincere "I love you"s and warm cuddles.
  7. Warren from Sky High
    One of the, literally, hottest characters that the world has ever invented. He has the tall, dark, mysterious guy thing going on. And he reads during lunch. And he also works to earn his own money. He drives badass motorcycle. But he treats women nicely. He is one of the characters that make you want to patiently fix him with love and hope that one day he will fall in love with you. I can only wish that his smile belongs to me and I belong to his arms.
  8. Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    The cutest depressed guy ever. His obsession with his ex makes you want to turn him to love you too, makes you want to kiss away his pain by letting him into your life and buying him endless tubes of ice cream. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her, but she left him and went with a rockstar that was not as loyal as Peter, and the three of them meet in a place where Peter is supposed to enjoy and get over her. You also hope that you are the one he's obsessed with, not her.
  9. Matt from 13 Going On 30
    The good best friend type. The type of guy that will perpetually be the same no matter what you do, his childish quirks will continue to stay there even when he's old. The kind of guy that you will always trust and lean on. The kind of guy that some lucky girls never dreamed to marry but they married those guys eventually. His likable personality and humbleness really attract me the most; he will stay with you through everything, especially the rise and falls. I want to marry him.
  10. Michael from Sundays At Tiffany's
    Meet Michael, he's an imaginary friend that turns into this real grown-up guy. His down-to-earth and naivete really draw me to him. And the fact that he turns himself into a real human being also makes me want to marry him instantly. He really cares about Jane a lot and he sacrifices a lot, too. Plus, he's a great cook and he has lots of talents.

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