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We were standing alone on the platform. Each carrying a bag from some chain-store near the station. We were both ignoring the world and each other; we were stuck inside our own head, thinking and clarifying the circumstance that occurred just few hours ago that was interconnected with the promise that was made years ago. We were each standing next to each other, but did not touch each other. Our eyes tried to avoid each other and were successful. We could never let go of what happened earlier today or that day years ago. Before, we were naïve, but now, we were just plain selfish. We had to do what we needed to do, but it was not what we promised to each other. During the years of endless tv subscribes, newsletters, weddings, funerals, births and soccer games, we lost the meaning of our promise. And now here we were, standing close to each other, connected by the warmth of each others bodies, but not having the true connection of the heart.

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