In the end it's just you.

You, reminiscing about memories of the past while listening to the forgotten songs of happy endings and high school stories.
You, watching a play at the nearby theatre by yourself after a nice dinner on your favorite restaurant near the river.
You, buying the same brand of perfume and soaps on the same store that has changed their generations of clerks and owners.
You, going to the library -- yes, that small snug library around the corner -- and caressing the spines of your favorite books.
You, standing straight on the platform of the station and gazing around the crowd -- secretly hoping that you can catch a familiar pair of eyes or bump into some people you already know before.
You, smelling the cherry blossoms that just bloom on the park where you first saw the same exact tree.
You, strolling around the secondhand shops and trying to find that pearl earrings that similar to the once you have worn out.
You, sipping a cup of hot chocolate since you cannot stomach a cup of caffeine anymore.
You, drawing a face of someone you once knew.

You, staying alive and feeling alive.