#2 of 27/5

At some point in our lives, we would come to realize that love is not the only thing that keeps a relationship going (whatever kind of that relationship, be it from parents to their children or even from an infatuated fool of a fan for her celebrity idol). False or misinterpretation of what they have said to one another could possibly lead to a halt of said relationships or even a permanent disconnection (the parents could have meant that they would buy her a new dress by the end of the month but she took it as a "no go" or the celebrity could have said that he hated working at his past work and the girl mistook it as a sign of hating the project entirely).

Trust is also another reason why relationships work in the first place, since without it misunderstanding could be easily formed (the girl attended certain parties and her parents mistook it as a sign of her being rebellious or her idol was continuously seen in front of bars looking wasted).

And so... are love, communication and trust the ground of your relationship?