Where Can You Run?

Dear a man who interestingly and curiously owns numerous of sweaters that could mirror my own collection,
Here is a letter that I will never be able to give to you, given the circumstances we are currently in. Because, frankly, we are strangers to each other. We never exchange a simple polite "hello" to each other, because I'm a coward I know. We have never even talked to each other for more than few lines, that moments were not even our own, because our mutual friends were there beside us. Our physical beings often collided even though never touched, but almost close enough to feel the presence of each other. And then I would move around, or you would in some cases, because I was (and still am) too afraid if I stand close enough, then I would lose it. I would tell you how you currently fill my thoughts and my dreams-- yes, literally, I dreamt of you even though we never exchange greetings.

I honestly do not know what to do with my feelings for you. This is a simple crush, I know, but I'm afraid it is beginning to become something that is even bigger, but not love, no, not now. Something that first started from a simple adoration to a giant, heart-wrenching crush. I'm afraid I'm just a girl who simply does not understand how to react with these feelings for you, I don't know whether or not I should be pursuing you or just sitting here and waiting until the feelings gradually begin to fade. Which one do you prefer?

My insecurity complicates things even further. What should have been a silly little adoration turned into what we nowadays call crush that needs a little assurance about whether or not your like me back. What cause these negative and self-harming thoughts are my historical baggages. I have too many baggages, that I hope I could tell you all about it, that need to be load off and they make me think what I am not supposed to think.

Should I describe you more? So that, when, by chance, you are reading this, you will understand that you are the person that I am talking about. Or the clues are enough, Mr. Sweater? You are oblivious to the fact that I like you, but I hope not for long, because I really want to get to know you even more. I am not asking for Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship, just a companionship from someone who knows me better than I do and who loves myself more than I love myself. Can you be that guy?

I'm questioning myself, "Where can I run to?" "Who will love me?"
Can you be that guy, Mr. Sweater?