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I need the love. I cannot be the one to blame right?
I need her skin, laid upon mine. Silky or dry. Day or night. (Preferably all day and all night).
I need her presence. Warily (and sometimes awkwardly) orbiting around my own.
I need her thoughts. Bumping furiously or warmly around my own during tv shows, theatres, or even meal.
I need her smiles. Catlike or tentative with a blush, perhaps at times transitions between both.
I need her calming hugs. All the time. Intimate, soothing, loving, or the combinations.
I need to watch her emotions play across her features. Dancing almost erotically since they tempt me to whisk her away from reality.
I need to be with her. Physically, mentally, emotionally. In order for me to stay together.

I want his thoughts.
I want his desires.
I want to be his thoughts.
I want to hold on a power on him.
 I want to feel his arms around me, comforting me.
I want him to want me.
I want him to want me, not just because he needs me, but because of who I am.
Not because for who I am for him.
I want him to love me, as much as I love him.
I want to be someone's ends, not just his means.
This is why I leave everything behind. To get myself together because apparently 
he is the one that cause me to fall apart.
V. R.

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