Modern Cinderella

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My friends and I got together last weekend for a private farewell that we held for one of our dearest that was leaving for her course abroad. We talked about the past and pretended that time had not flown by, changing everyone that ran over its course. We tried to recreate the past by pretending everything was still the same, jokingly suggesting that some still had feelings for each other, making no reference whatsoever about what would happen and what we would do about it in the future, rambling about and making fun of some of us.

It was probably a subconscious design by loads of us, controlling the situation in order to be the same so that whatever lies upon us in the near future could not bother us for awhile; creating a place that did not regard time or place, denying the inevitable. Forming the circumstance to ignore or decline what we were going through in the next chapter of our lives. For awhile, we were invincible, we were once again high school kids with no worry about anything or anyone; we didn't worry about hurting people or each other, we didn't even worry about the taunts we told each other because we endured them in order to pretend that everything was not in the past, that we were still going through the motion.

But, like modern Cinderella, it all faded away at Midnight with the sound of car engines and clock chimes, leaving us in a dazzling limbo state where we couldn't decide whether to continue pretending or to live in the now while facing the world at the same time. However, we couldn't keep on staying in the hazy timeless state, because family came on knocking, present caught up with us to tell the future was right around the corner, and the partners of some of us demanded to be contacted.

We had to leave it, not to forget the past or to disregard each other, but because we must continue on living with the comforting thoughts that we would always be there for each other to be whatever we need them to be, as a sacred changeless expanse where we could be what we used to be, as an anchor of the present's demons or a home to come back to from future's insanity.

So cheers, my heart, for continue on staying right next to me and does not judge me during my worst. Enjoy the journey and don't hurry. Godspeed, my loves.

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