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Do you believe in astrology and the world they offer? Some makeup truths and makeup lies that people tell to your face in order for you to believe in the existence of such things. But sometimes, when the calculations are correct to the minuscule details, you can't help yourself but get amazed by them.

I am one of those types. I read astrology for fun and for gaining extra (sometimes unnecessary details) about me that some people in Morocco could even predict without even seeing me or meeting me in the first place (like for example: she will embark on a journey of a lifetime this year but be cautious, she wil also find obstacles on her path; aren't every journey has their own obstacles and they are what make them called journeys.) But there are some of the times when I am intrigued enough because they can perfectly described me. Like right now.

A dear friend of mind just showed her a brief analysis of herself through IM. And from what I've concluded, the analysis described her perfectly; who she is, what she is struggling, what her ideals are and what she should do. All about her in small paragraphs. It's amazing how few paragraphs can actually define or conclude the complexity of a human beings and their thoughts, isn't it?

When ideas are written by certain people (or poorly gathered from certain websites that often oversimplify/exaggerate human thoughts and ideas) sometimes it gets misplaced or misunderstood, but there are times when we can actually come across to things that are purposefully written and can be easily captured by us. And the website chooses to write it dynamically without loosing its ideas.

Conclusively, about my report and analysis of my life, it shows me that I am homebound and a communicative person. I can adress some ideas (mainly mine) easily to people and I am often regarded as someone with big opinions, plus I also like to relay my ideas to people and would be very content when they understand about what I am trying to tell people. However, in current situations, none of these can be seen. All of the people that I love (whose opinions I highly think of) cannot actually grasp what it is that I've been talking about, some of them even repress my ideas and think of it as nothing but some young woman's insane ideas. They judge me for it and for my hardheadedness about certain points. And they make me question about the concept of home, and make me question about my questioning of home. It kinds of go into a vicious cycle after that.

Sometimes, I question my sanity (or lack thereof). I am so keen on finding my own home, creating my own happiness and searching the globe for both of them because deep down I know that none of these people in here who criticise my ideas actually acknowledge of what I call home and why I am this person. I think they are just repressing the unknown, something natural, like the mother Earth itself. I can say that I respect them for having their own opinions, but I can't respect them for repressing mine or even belittle them. I am not saying all of them repress or belittle me, but I can't actually say that the majority of them understand or at least support me.

It is all what we long for isn't it? To be understood fully by someone (or if you are a typical loner like yours truly, something) that you can call him/it your home.

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