Black Tea.

"So, how is it?" my sister asked without preamble.
My fingers traced the edge of my teacup (two slices of lemon, black tea). I smiled, "It's been what it should feels like. It feels like what it's supposed to feel. It feels real, surprisingly normal, unpredictable, fulfilling and yet it also feels like it is the best part of me."
She took a deep breath, raising her own teacup (one block of sugar, black tea) and slowly drinking its content. "Well, honey, tell me more."
I sipped my tea, savouring the taste for a moment before answering, "He is perfect. I mean, not in the way that a perfect human, but a right individual that comes in the right time and stays in the right place. He is what I've been expecting and what I haven't been expecting. He knows about my past, not enough to make him think that I am still the person who I used to be, but enough to never judge my action because he knows what I've gone through. He knows who I am, who I was, but he keeps on supporting me to be what I need to be in the future with him by my side. Being with him feels like how it should feel, or perhaps how I've always imagined how it feels-- and more. It feels natural just to exist with him, it feels like something I have long lost and now I come across again. I don't know if the concept 'soul mates' applies in here, but we flow together perfectly, harmoniously. I don't really need to hesitate to ask or relay my thoughts because I know without a doubt that he will always listen to my thoughts and know the ways inside my head. It feels right because I feel like where I am right now, where we are right now, is the right place to be. This is what they always write about in love stories, isn't it? This is what everyone has always talked about."