I/XXX. Beginning

The car was old, we could tell from the smell. The smell of worn leathers, dusty dashboards and buried secrets in between the seams of the seats. But we didn't care. It was the first car that we purchased together. The first thing that we could afford together. Our first baby.

I still remembered the first day we showed it to everyone. Smiles were in our face. We could feel our checks were forming tight lines because of too much smiling. Everyone congratulated us for accomplishing such a small, but significant thing. It was the physical form of our love. The only thing that reminded us that we were together.

Then, we impulsively moved to the other side of the country. To the seaside town, where the smell of the ocean blended with the smell of your clothes, or even the leaves that had fallen to your laps when you sat on a bench that overlooked the sea. When we saw the ocean for the first time, we could feel it was the beginning of something. It was the beginning of our life.