21st of May 2011

I always wonder about the strangers in the street or in one of my favorite cafés, especially people who are on their own. I wonder about their jobs, what they are doing and why they are alone. It gives me wonder and sometimes a splash of hope that somewhere, there's a same person like me, a person that bears the same wonder with me, a person that looks like an out of place weirdo like me and for awhile, a thought of someone that might understand comforts me.

As I see an elder caucasian woman, probably around my grandmother's age, alone sitting there with her almost empty drink, I begin to have the feeling to getting to know her personally. Why in the world she is alone? Why is she alone in this faux heaven? She doesn't look like she's completely out of place, she's like one of those people in the movie that belongs in the background, she blends in with the scenery. She's wearing a light grey wool top. I know that she's thirsty and tired because she drinks her coffee very quickly.

When my mother and her friends are all cheering up about something, she smiles. I don't know the cause of the smile is because she had those happy-go-lucky years or if she did not have. In great movies, where the heroes are normal people who eat alone in the cafés, their friends will come and save them from loneliness, but in reality, it saddens me to tell you that the elder woman leaves alone.