Faux Heaven.

As I sit here, couple thousand metres (possibly twenty thousands, but can't seem to be sure), my mind wanders around. About how boats and ships look so small up here. How strange this country. One part heaven, one part hell. But then again, you can't be good if there's no evil to contrast you, right?
I like the sea. Some people like the beach but I prefer the sea. The sea is calming. One of places I go if I want to feel some kind of sanctuary. A person, who I believe will choose to remain anonymous, likes the beach, he said he prefers beaches than mountains and forests. But I of course prefer mountains and forests. Those calming feeling you get when you are in the forests... just perfect. Better than beaches certainly. And comes first before oceans.

Earlier, I thought that we already set fly above the sea, but apparently I was wrong. I could see a mountain, standing proud between the forests. It was as if a solid reminder of something that God made. I don't know if the mountain is very tall, but it was surrounded by the clouds. white puffy clouds. soon after I enjoyed the view, I was mesmerized by the beautiful white clouds. Really puffy. Like one of those clouds that you could see in movies. I can't thank God enough for giving me the gift of sight seeing. The clouds were undoubtedly beautiful. It was like faux heaven.

ps: the photo above is mine.