Fish Fish Eye Eye Eye Eyeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, May 21, 2009 § 2

AFTER LONG HARD SEARCH OF THIS THING. I can finally customize by my own where? Here : THOSE ARE THE PRETTIEST BOOTS I HAVE EVR SEEN! Not exactly "boots" with all those big hi thing, but ITS PRETTYYYYYYYY! I want the red one!
I'm gonna talk to my ma about this! HA! Take that you people-who-take-my-dr-martens! Hahahahah kidding, it wasn't anyone's and I lost my bet.

Okay here's some pic about my fisheye!

bye gotta sleep, tho tomorrow is listening at 1 pm and it will only going to took me 45 mins, but I'M SICK. bye love you. today is my nervous-breakdown day hahahaha, I'm just crazzzy today HA!

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