Skin Hunger

Saturday, August 16, 2014 § 0

It is a fancy idea to be in a relationship and fall in love. To breathe in the life of others that had a life before you exist in their life. To simultaneously exist for one another. To keep each other working by rotating your gear-like beings that are held by chains of interactions. To answer truthfully to the question "How are you today?". To finally sleep peacefully, nestled under the cocoons of warm limbs and thick covers in the Winter. To explain things in silence. To satisfy the skin hunger. To connect seamlessly.

But love is not the only driving force for people to be in a relationship. It's lust, it's the moment, it's the circumstance, it's the unromantic skin hunger, it's the similar journey that both endure, it's the thrill, it's the joined grief and tragedy, it's the cute meet––it's not romantic love.

Perhaps, some would turn into that magical crossroad where expectations, reality and lust meet.

But not everyone can have the same thing, now can they?

They could only satisfy the skin hunger––somewhat.

Now... which one that makes you hustle?

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