3007 / 0808

Saturday, August 16, 2014 § 0

European Summer was brilliant. The air tasted sweet in my lips, though Dutch air smelled a bit salty, while German air smelled like the best of its kind. The small towns' scenery were majestic with a different kind of green that my mind's palette had never seen before. They were lush and heavy of the memories that some people left behind. I have always thought that they grew from the traces of the connection that they had with humans. This Summer was magical.

"There is a saying, in German, about chemistry in your body. Since, as you said before, the chemicals in every one are different, that's why perfume smells differently on everyone. But, we have a saying, it cannot be translated––would have sounded funny if I tried––, about not being able to connect with some people because their chemistry cannot connect well with yours. The chemistry is off. I think it's nice."

"Take it from me, I've worked hard for my son. Nothing feels greater than being independent. Be nice to people, stay humble, but keep on donning the armour. Never get fooled by stupid boys. Stay smart. Keep your chin up."

"I am no ser"   "Please don't call me, Sir. I'm still young. Call me P–––."

"I think that happens to travellers. I've been to A––––, and I still think it's a better place than in here."

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