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The minute struck 10:56
We overslept. Again.

In our defence it was Saturday, no one would come by knocking at our door at this hour on Sunday. Both of us also didn't have to work on Sunday, it was a worry-free day. We were expected, by each other and ourselves, to wear lazy clothes; my favourite attires are his his button-downs and my panties, while his usually consist of his day-old boxer, sans any shirts. It was our day, we had declared, years ago; before the bills, before the paycheques, before the boxes-in-the-attics, before home offices.

The decision was made when we were still in our college years. Both of us were "major go-getters" as some would call--as we used to call ourselves. We didn't have much time lazying around in our pyjamas: we were too busy chasing incredibly-close-to-perfect GPAs, attending many of our friends music shows and theatrical productions, and building our lives by doing part-time jobs on Saturdays.

If we didn't have that, each of us knew that each other and ourselves were total mental case, not saying that in a psychological way, but our minds just could never stop thinking and blurting out things. We would know when one another was having their mental gears running up until the speed that topics changed rapidly. We would then say one of these safewords: blue, black, red, or white.

Usually, when we were in the middle of exams, we would say blue, since our bodies were too tired but our heads could not stop thinking about the exams or could not stop having anxieties; we would go by the pub or plug in mic to the laptop to sing some songs to relieve the tensions and the anxieties.
Black was different. It was rare, but we never had to feel it at the same time. It was when we were tired of our routine and decided to stop altogether, or when we constantly thought we were not good enough. More often than not, it took a trip to another city for three days straight to mend black. But we rarely had it, so we never left town.
We would uttered red when we thoughts things would go wrong and we needed each others presence to make it go away. Sometimes, we would dress up as posh as we could and go to one of the most expensive restaurants in town (mind you, it was a city for students, usually the most expensive ones par up to the mediocre ones in big cities). We would treat ourselves and each others as king and queen on a trip to a small town, laughing at objects that we spotted along the way. We had fun.

Now, Sundays were usually treated as white days. White days usually consisted of us cannot stopping each others (including our own) thoughts that went as fast as the speed of light, therefore we would stay up all night, numbly watching TV series in each others arms, drinking wine and eating cheese. We would wind down easier that way, we would eventually fell asleep holding onto each other like little babes.

You know when people in love they say they prefer to be awake? In our case, we prefer the other way around, because when we found out that we had actually fallen asleep, we knew that each others were near; for we could never fall asleep without each other to numb the pain and share the spell of lazing.

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