Staying Alive For This:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Comments Off

  1. European men with razor-sharp cheekbones.
  2. Rainy days where you can snuggle in with your biggest warmest sweater plus a cup of hot tea with lemon.
  3. Red lipsticks--and pink/orange/purple lipsticks, lip balms, lip tints, lip products.
  4. Wild animals on the safari. The cubs and the alpha males, the beautiful females and the grass that surrounds them. The trees that stand so high they create a safe cocoon for the creatures they protect.
  5. Pink lemonades.
  6. Printed shirts with your favourite band/movie/tv series/actor
  7. Scandinavian architecture
  8. Scandinavian designs
  9. Scandinavian scenery
  10. Scandinavian boys
  11. Patterned carpets.
  12. Good books.
  13. Good music.
  14. Petrichor (see reason number 2).
  15. Stacks of rings.
  16. Large shirts over cute underwear.
  17. Good heels. 
  18. Adventures.
  19. My past. She deserves a good journey.

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