Collection of Recollections, Part VI

Monday, September 12, 2016 Comments Off

i am,
in heaps of tired limbs,
empty gaze,
and wanting heart.
you are, a vision,
a story paused too soon.
are no longer,
have stopped,
will never be. — lesson in grammar

i told the wind,
to inform you,
come and see me for once,
look at the mess you've created:
a ruined temple,
worshiping the past,
idolizing the destroyer. — religion

maybe all i deserve is:
of other people's
romance — ripped

fun first date idea: let's talk about how love fails us
fun second date idea: let's speak in the language we are fluent in, the language of loneliness
fun third date idea: let's tell each other why we think we are incapable of being romantically loved
fun fourth date idea: let's inform each other when we start to call the war in our head and the hesitation in our heart as home
fun fifth date idea: let's show each other who broke us but did not mercifully kill us
fun sixth date idea: let's reveal what kind of longings that burn us
fun seventh date idea: let's tell each other where the demons of our past still haunt
fun eighth date idea: let's point which parts of ourselves that still hurt from falling in love
w's and h's: a way to dissect a relationship before it even begin

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