Few Questions

Sunday, July 27, 2014 Comments Off

How long have you lied to yourself?

How many convincing lies have you lived?

Do you feel vulnerable now, after shedding so many untruths and scrubbing off so many fa├žades––baring yourself fully without restraint, without unnecessary extra layer of skin, and without any guarded actions? Or do you feel empowered––finally not exhausted from having to shine differently from your natural light? Perhaps only a state of at peace with yourself, a sense of relief?

Do you regret for having to act every single one of them in the past? Especially after knowing that you could have this sense of relief, this state of peace sooner? Do you grieve over your wasted youth and its state of dark days? Have they paid off––worth their agony for this feeling?

Has love finally gotten into your system, absolving the decades of your very low view of your self-worth with delicate seconds of patience, attention, affection, and adventures?

Have you loved yourself at this very second more than any other time in the world?

Have you realised, this is it?

What's this?

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