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"We are all addicted to our own conveniences"

My conveniences lie in the form of my loyal friends, the best beings I've ever came across. They have seen me through everything and yet they stayed. They have been with me through the worst possible circumstances and yet they supported me. It is quite astonishing how one can feel so at ease with another person. How I can philosophically, metaphorically, and literally walk around naked amongst these people and they would not bat an eye. Their best virtues are their honesty and their helpful hands.

It is true, I have yet to feel the warm caress of a lover and their loving gaze towards my own, perhaps I won't even have the chance to feel it. But there is this particular self-assurance that I fundamentally feel when I am around them. Not completely invincible, but truthfully and exquisitely optimistic. It feels like I can overcome everything with them down to its tiny little details, no matter what kind of crisis I face. With them, I do not have anything to hide--I have this openness that I do not share with just anybody and it does not cause by any alcohol in my physical being. No liquid courage, nothing that could invoke any truth besides my own consent to actually reveal them. Everything is out in the open, from my opinions to my sadness. Nothing hinders me.

They do not always relay to me verbally on how much they care for me and how much they love me. However, they do thoughtful things that would make me feel special. "Have you eaten yet?" "Take care, it's raining. Did you bring your umbrella?" "Watch your steps, it's slippery." "It's getting colder, do you want to order some hot tea?" "Do you need me to drive?" "Here, let me help you with that."

All I want to say right now is how I am grateful for the Universe and its thoughtful idea to introduce them to me at the right time.

"You'll learn a lot from the right person"

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